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Siva Saluki #2 Confirmed!10 Comment

Siva Saluki | Sun, 18 Jun 2006 Posted by :

Of the twelve Siva Salukis believed to have been built, only two are known to exist. One entry posted a while back which included pictures of a Siva Saluki sold on eBay, and from it I got this letter and pictures from Joao Andrade in Portugal about his striking sci-fi looking Saluki:

I have owned a Siva Saluki since 1976, when a then future freind brought it from England.

It was a white with blue drawings along the body when I first legalized it here in Portugal (it needed homologation). Over the years it has suffered several painting ideas — the last one being very apreciated like Spiderman’s car. It was all covered with small  5cm red squares in a grid over a black base. It looked very good especially with a couple of double exhaust pipes coming over through the back of the car in the best Michel Vaillant way.

Two years ago, after beeing in the garage for twenty years or so, I decided to bring it back to life and did a complete overhaul of the car. I reconditionated the 1600 twin carburator engine, did a new eletrical instalation, added a CRX dash, installed a new interior with VW Golf lights that light up when you open the doors and go out after a while, a new more conservative paint-job (BMW silver), four large exhaust pipes, pedals, seatbelts, driving wheel, and gas cap by OMP, new tires and wheel covers. I also changed the manual front pop up lights with four fixed lamps because the originals where a bit noisy and week. Eletrical exterior mirrors came from a Lancia Thema.

I also widened the car with wheel arches from a VW Golf wich where integrated in the body of the car, and it also has a Sony radio and CD player with eight speakers all over the car, and so on… I haven’t driven it much yet, so it’s still in its break in period.

And now some photos!

siva-saluki-1.jpg siva-saluki-2.jpg siva-saluki-3.jpg

siva-saluki-4.jpg siva-saluki-5.jpg siva-saluki-6.jpg

Oh, and if you wanted to see the donor car…

siva-donor-1.jpg siva-donor-2.jpg

Anyway, big thanks to Joao for sending in his car, and for keeping this special piece of car history on the street and in good shape!

K-1 Attack39 Comment

Carlisle 2006, Conventions, K-1 Attack | Thu, 15 Jun 2006 Posted by :

One of the most “complete” looking kits out of the box, in terms of looking like a mass produced vehicle that’s gone through years of refinement, product testing, and tooling is the Slovakian K-1 Attack by K-1 Styling. The kit includes everything but the donor car, a 1990-93 Honda Accord with either an F22 or H22 engine (including the 220 HP S-Type VTEC). I think my favorite part is the exposed front suspension.

attack-k1-11.jpg attack-k1-10.jpg attack-k1-9.jpg attack-k1-8.jpg attack-k1-7.jpg attack-k1-6.jpg attack-k1-5.jpg attack-k1-4.jpg attack-k1-3.jpg attack-k1-2.jpg attack-k1-1.jpg

2004 Evoluzione Kit Car15 Comment

Carlisle 2006, Conventions, Evoluzione, For Sale | Thu, 15 Jun 2006 Posted by :

Probably one of the most attractive body kits to come out for the Pontiac Trans Am (this is built on an ’87), this Euro Works Evoluzione sports a rebuilt 350 CI v8 tuned port engine, 512 cam lift, ceramic coated headers, flow master exhaust, performance chip, rebuilt 350 turbo and a 2500 stall converter, plus all new tinted glass, new seals, new interior and digital dash, 13×17 and 11×17 wheels and Pirelli tires, and victory red paint.

evoluzione-kit-car-5.jpg evoluzione-kit-car-4.jpg evoluzione-kit-car-3.jpg

evoluzione-kit-car-2.jpg evoluzione-kit-car-1.jpg

I’m not sure if it sold at the show (please tell me if you know!) or since, but the contact information was Roger at (434) 489-2065.

1933 Packard Speedster Replica10 Comment

Carlisle 2006, Conventions, Packard | Thu, 15 Jun 2006 Posted by :

Built in England in 1966, this ’33 Packard replica sits on a VW chassis riding on wire wheels. And as you can see from the close-up photos, the exhaust has been rerouted to the exhaust. That said, it was a really unfinished kit that looked very “fake” in comparison to most of the replicas out there… but with only a little work I think this could be a very handsome car. At Carlisle they were asking (and I quote, slash-out included) $8,950  OBO Offer – Trades”.

packard-speedster-7.jpg packard-speedster-6.jpg packard-speedster-5.jpg packard-speedster-4.jpg packard-speedster-3.jpg packard-speedster-2.jpg packard-speedster-1.jpg

Lloyd’s VW Charger9 Comment

Charger | Wed, 14 Jun 2006 Posted by :

I tend to think of the Charger like the Invader GT — one of those funny cars that looks great from some angles but attrocious from others. Now having seen these photos of Lloyd‘s Charger I’m more leaning toward the idea that it’s kind of a “dunebuggyified” Lotus Elise or something, and I quite like it (I think this is the first one I’ve seen that’s not either slowly rotting or an ancient photo)… Anyway, check it out:

vw-charger-kit-1.jpg vw-charger-kit-2.jpg vw-charger-kit-3.jpg

vw-charger-kit-4.jpg vw-charger-kit-5.jpg vw-charger-kit-6.jpg

Oh, and as you can see from the last photo, it just had its wiring redone — this is still a work in progress.

Mystery Avenger GT?22 Comment

Avenger, FiberFab, Mystery Cars | Wed, 14 Jun 2006 Posted by :

I got this rather confusing set of pictures from a fellow Canadian kit car owner wondering exactly what he has. I’m 99% sure it’s an Avenger variant (either official or modded), because every line of the car appears to be correct except for the strange connundrum of the missing hood scoops. I can’t find reference to FiberFab ever having made an Avenger without scoops. Anyone have any information on what this car is?

mystery-avenger-1.jpg mystery-avenger-2.jpg mystery-avenger-3.jpg

It’s on a ’65 Beetle chassis, and is made up of a main body shell, two door shells, the tail cone, a dash, and a rear panel.

Ferrari F40 in Dubai63 Comment

Ferrari F40, Fiero Bodykits, Mystery Cars | Tue, 13 Jun 2006 Posted by :

This very dusty Ferrari F40 replica on a Fiero chassis is currently in Dubai, originally imported from the United States. A potential buyer was asking me if I had any idea who the original manufacturer was… From these photos, can anyone tell?

dubai-ferrari-f40-1.jpg dubai-ferrari-f40-2.jpg

Noble M12 Elise Killer5 Comment

Carlisle 2006, Conventions, Noble | Mon, 12 Jun 2006 Posted by :

I’m not sure that the Noble really counts as a kit car? I mean, the whole thing is built for you other than the transaxle… But in any case, it was one of the head-turners at the show and one of the most “production quality” feeling (if you know what I mean) vehicles at the show — and performance specs are something like 0-60 in 3.7 seconds and lateral G’s of 1.16. These photos don’t do it justice.

noble-m12-3.jpg noble-m12-2.jpg noble-m12-1.jpg

I believe this car was being shown by 1G Racing.

Laser 917 For Sale14 Comment

For Sale, Laser 917 | Mon, 12 Jun 2006 Posted by :

A little while back I posted about Ken’s Laser 917 for sale — he just updated me with a few more pictures, and adds,

This cars interior needs to be redone (the last quote was five hundred). The engine is new with 500 miles on it. It has an awesome paint job with pinstriping, and this car turns heads. You can’t stop smiling when you drive a car like this. Ninety percent of the on-coming traffic is sitting on the edge of their seats checking out the car coming toward them. Its a great feeling, having something that puts a smile on people’s faces!

The last real Porsche 917 sold over the phone for $3.5 million. I think car collectors should wake up and snatch up these 1970s reproductions before they’re all gone. They even used one in a Herby Goes To Montecarlo movie! I’m proud to had this car for twenty-one years and it’s never seen rain or snow.

cyan-laser-4.jpg cyan-laser-5.jpg cyan-laser-6.jpg

If you’re interested, write to Ken at stages_504@hotmail.com. Don’t worry, he’s not asking $3.5 million!

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