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Want to donate an old Beetle?3 Comment

Laser 917 | Mon, 10 Jul 2006 Posted by :

Not too rusty please!

Greg (who I think lives near Daytona Beach, Florida, but I might be wrong) is hoping some charitable person would be willing to donate a Beetle chassis for him to use under his rare Laser 917 Type A body… If that charitable person might be you, email him at wizerd917@myway.com. Yeah ladies, he’s looking at you.


Avante Kit, Almost Free!!!2 Comment

Avante, For Sale | Mon, 10 Jul 2006 Posted by :

Update: This car is now sold.

Jeff has an Avante project (sistercar to the Nova) that was started in about 1986, but was abandoned after the body was fitted to a VW Beetle floorpan and before the ‘fit out’ could be completed. Since then it’s been dry stored under cover.

It comes with a complete set of body parts including the centre console and all the glass. It is minus the engine and various parts such as seats, lights, windscreen wipers and interior trim, but those are inexpensive. Jeff is open to offers on price, three or four hundred pounds, although he admits he’s more interested in finding a good home for it.

The Avante is located in the High Wycome, Bucks UK area. Anyone interested can contact Jeff by email at XXXXXXXXX or at XXXXXXX during the day or XXXXXXX evenings.

Brians-Avante-(03)-090706.jpg Brians-Avante-(02)-090706.jpg

He apologizes that he doesn’t have better pictures, but as well as here on PoHT, you can find more pictures on Google. It’s an attractive and unique vehicle and I hope as well that someone finishes it.

Gull-wing Door Baja Bug Conversion11 Comment

One-offs, VW Beetle | Sat, 08 Jul 2006 Posted by :

Ricky really ought to put his email address on his website about VW toys so I could tell him how cool I think this still in progress conversion is. (More pictures here).

gullwing-vw-beetle-1.jpg gullwing-vw-beetle-2.jpg

I found his page in a search for Delorean pictures. I used to drive a Delorean as my daily driver but have since upgraded to a Porsche 996, and have been day-dreaming about transplanting the Porsche chassis underneath a Delorean body, but comparing pictures I don’t think it could be made to fit.

Ugly Spaceship Heidelberg Car Project14 Comment

eBay, For Sale, One-offs | Tue, 04 Jul 2006 Posted by :

I suppose continuing in the contest of who can try and sell the ugliest homemade supercar on eBay, let me present to you “The Heidelberg“, said to be a side project of a now liquidated aerospace company running a Porsche 911/915 driveline on a custom chassis which was auctioning (item #4647720544) for an asking price of $50,000 including “$1.5 million of tooling”. It received zero bids. Can you imagine having spent $1.5 million+ on this? Talk about a white whale.

Problem is, no matter how solid the engineering may or may not be on this vehicle and what it’s capable of (no performance stats were given and it was said to be “95% complete”), to my eye, it’s simply too fugly to be a success (unlike the similarly styled vehicles of Bill Carter). I’m sorry, I always hate saying this about projects that people have obviously put a lot of effort into, but this is really terrible in my opinion and I think the final photo pretty much sums up the design sense of the folks involved.

heidelberg-supercar-4.jpg heidelberg-supercar-3.jpg heidelberg-supercar-2.jpg heidelberg-supercar-1.jpg heidelberg-supercar-5.jpg heidelberg-supercar-6.jpg heidelberg-supercar-7.jpg heidelberg-supercar-8.jpg

If I had to play Creskin, I’m going to suggest that their website was heavy on the animated GIFs and MIDI files.

All that said, if you think I’m a jackass and disagree with me, the eBay seller is tournavista, who I’m sure you can contact directly and make an offer if you’d like to. Oh, and thanks to kitcarguy for the tip.

Ferrari 328 GTB replica for sale6 Comment

Ferrari 328, For Sale | Sun, 02 Jul 2006 Posted by :

Matt writes in about his Ferrari 328 GTB for sale. It’s powered by a 2.8L V6 and an automatic transmission. It sports remote door openers, a CD player, custom interior, power locks, window, and antenna, two-tone red and black seats, custom tilt steering wheel, Ferrari emblems, custom halogen headlights and dual fog/road lamps, custom exhaust, suspension, tires, and wheels, blue side view mirrors, Ferrari Rossa red paint, and more. Whew! The price is a firm $20,000 US and you can reach Matt at 631-484-2874 or via CustomKing@aol.com.

ferrari-328-gtb-1.jpg ferrari-328-gtb-2.jpg ferrari-328-gtb-3.jpg ferrari-328-gtb-4.jpg ferrari-328-gtb-5.jpg

A couple of Lotus 7 videos0 Comment

Lotus 7, Video | Sun, 02 Jul 2006 Posted by :

Let’s start with a nice serene video of a Caterham Lotus 7-inspired car taking a drive through the countryside.

Alternately, here’s a track video of a Hayabusa powered one:


Continued work on the EXP Speed 82 Comment

One-offs | Sun, 02 Jul 2006 Posted by :

Back in April I posted about Joe’s Bentley EXP Speed 8 replica. He’s recently written me with an update on his project:

I have just “finished” my Bentley Replica Exp, as I promised you that I will update the pictures of process. Here they are.

It’s not yet very beautiful body because it’s made from metal but we will make it smooth when we make the kit. I don’t actually want to copy that 2003 Bentley Exp exactly, but want to make my own design to fit a Beetle chassis. I will develop the body design after I finish this car, and will offer the fiberglass body for under $3000 (nice price, isn’t it), as it has a large body (2000mm x 4800mm x 1100mm – 78″ x 189″ x 43″).

The pictures show a still unfinished shape, and there are so many works to do: air scoop, tail, plexiglas, paint and so on. This is my first kit car project, and I had no experience on this field, please write me if you are interested or have advice.

joe1.jpg joe2.jpg joe3.jpg

If you’re interested in the project, have advice for Joe, or might be interested in a body when he’s got a final product (FOB Sofia, Bulgaria) can write him at bulgaria2100@yahoo.com.

Also, sorry everyone for not posting here more lately. For the few of you who read my personal blog, you may have seen that I’ve been occupied with hosting the BMEfest party in Toronto, but that’s done so I’ll try and squeeze in some more time for PoHT.

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