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Robert’s Amante GT12 Comment

Amante GT, FiberFab | Sat, 30 Sep 2006 Posted by :

Robert writes, “Here are some pics of my car. I’ve recently been in contact with the people who designed this car and have been learning much about it and the history surrounding it as well. The prototype was called a Gazelle and was developed by ex Fiberfab employees who were fed up with FF’s lack of quality in their manufacturing techniqes. The company was Hebina Plastics and they were on to something good. In 1969 they were up against some difficulties so they sold the company to yet another FF dissident who was ready to start doing things “right” and it became Voegele industries. Here is an exerpt from the letter I received:”

I was able to buy Hebina Plastics for not much cash and I was determined to bring to market a classic sports coupe which contained quality features heretofore unknown in the world of “kit” cars….Built in steel roll bar, steel tubing beneath the doors, steel door frames & jambs with piano hinges joining them, steel tubing within the doors (this later became standard in all cars for crash protection. In our case, the intent was to maintain the dimensional integrity of the FRP doors). We also had separate pieces of molded FRP for headliners and as innerliners for the hood, trunk, and headlight covers, as well as the doors. One of the biggest quality features that we added lay with the resin we used. We bought isophthalic polyester resin when the rest of the competitive was using orthothalic resins. The cost difference was only something like $100 per car, but it gave us much improved strength and, more important, dimensional integrity. That is, each part would better keep its molded shape.

Anyway, we made a number of minor changes to the original Gazelle shape (dual headlight covers, hood and rear quarter window options, etc.) and we developed packages such as instrumentation, wiring harnesses, upholstery options, etc. We had a pretty good thing going for us. We hired a sharp local guy (Ron Mitchell) as our Sales Manager. He had worked with J. Walter Thompson Co. (advertising) on the Ford account in Detroit. Like me, Ron loved cars. By the way, I was commuting some 60 miles from Walnut Creek during much of this period.

I won’t get into the blow-by-blow of our experiences at this point, but suffice it to say that we worked very hard. I remember, at one point, being awake for three days and three nights without sleep when we were preparing to exhibit in the New York International Car Show in (I think) 1970. That, too, is another story.

In all, we sold some 150 Amante’s, including one in England, one in the Orient, and one somewhere in the Middle East. In 1970, the economy took a turn for the worse, and our business fell off dramatically.

“As you can see, she’s a rare car indeed. I would like to help get the word out on this quality built component car and if anyone has questions, please contact me at rherron@smwireless.net.”


amante-gt-1.jpg amante-gt-2.jpg amante-gt-3.jpg amante-gt-4.jpg

1969 Vandetta22 Comment

Vandetta, VW Beetle | Sat, 30 Sep 2006 Posted by :

Robert, who’s Amante GT you can see in the entry above this one, also sends in this photo of his daily driver, a 1969 Vandetta VW Beetle conversion.

vandetta-1.jpg vandetta-2.jpg vandetta-3.jpg

David and Joan’s Mini Mark (for sale)5 Comment

For Sale, Mini Mark | Sat, 23 Sep 2006 Posted by :

I think this has to be one of the nicest, cleanest looking Mini Marks I’ve seen! David and Joan picked up this one, built on a 1969 VW chassis (and titled as such), and after enjoying it both personally and driving in parades promoting his business, he’s decided to sell it. If you’re interested, you can send him an offer at djerick@newulmtel.net.

mini-mark-4.jpg mini-mark-3.jpg mini-mark-2.jpg mini-mark-1.jpg

Avante For Sale3 Comment

Avante, For Sale | Tue, 12 Sep 2006 Posted by :

Norman is selling has sold one of only (about) ten Avantes believed to be still in existence. It’s built on a sound Beetle chassis with the 1600cc VW engine and rides on original refurbished Compomotive alloy wheels. This particular car has been extensively modified with the addition of a professionally built rear spoiler and front air dam. Over the last two years it’s been completely restored with new wiring, engine valves, guides, and rings, and retrimmed with new seats, new disc pads, batter, and windscreen demister, although it still needs minor detail work to make it perfect — Norman is selling it because he has two, and one has to go! The car has been extensively restored over the last two years including rewiring, new engine valves and guides and rings, completely retrimmed, new seats, new disc pads, battery, and a windscreen demister fan fitted.

avante3.jpg avante2.jpg avante1.jpg

The car is in the Preston, UK area, and the asking price is a very reasonable £2499.

Non-FiberFab UK GT-40 Mystery Car8 Comment

Mystery Cars | Tue, 12 Sep 2006 Posted by :

According to Tai who sends this in, it’s not an Avenger or other FiberFab car, and he’s been trying to find out if anyone knows what this GT-40-styled kit from the UK is and who made it… Does anyone know?

GT40-UK-5.jpg GT40-UK-2.jpg

Garage Invader GT body16 Comment

Invader GT | Tue, 12 Sep 2006 Posted by :

Marc wrote in wondering what this body was and who currently has the molds for it. I know it’s an Invader GT of course, but does anyone reading this know who has the molds? Last I heard Kaylor Kit (I think they even had a newer version of it) had them but I’m not sure? As I’ve said before, I’m not sold on the rest of the car, but the front profile (the first photo) of the Invader is really nice…

invader4.jpg invader3.jpg invader2.jpg invader1.jpg

Brad’s Canadian Prototype Skeeto10 Comment

One-offs, Skeeto | Tue, 12 Sep 2006 Posted by :

Brad writes,

“Here are couple a couple of pics of my prototype Skeeto. It is powered by a Toyota 4age 1600 engine. It is all independent suspension and all wheel disc brakes. It has a bunny drive to kick in the four wheel drive. It is a tubular frame with all hand rolled fiberglass body.  Up here in Canada we need to get up the mountain fast and this will do it at 180 kph (a bit over 100 mph). This vehicle will be street legal and does gets around 38 miles per gallon. I have had such a good response to this vehicle that I am building five more two wheel drive versions with higher horsepower.”

skeeto6.jpg skeeto5.jpg skeeto4.jpg skeeto3.jpg skeeto2.jpg skeeto1.jpg

Yellow FFR GTM10 Comment

GTM Supercar | Sat, 02 Sep 2006 Posted by :

My friend Matt went to a recent cruise night in Westford, Massachusetts and bumped into this yellow FFR GTM, sort of a hybrid between a Corvette and a GT-40. If the occasionally odd lines of the car don’t bother you, this is easily one of the best cars in its class for the price.

yellow-ffr-gtm-1.jpg yellow-ffr-gtm-2.jpg yellow-ffr-gtm-3.jpg yellow-ffr-gtm-4.jpg yellow-ffr-gtm-5.jpg yellow-ffr-gtm-6.jpg

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