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1963 Aztec GT12 Comment

Aztec, FiberFab | Mon, 23 Oct 2006 Posted by :

Tim Zeigler sends in these old pictures of his gorgeous classic 1963 Aztec GT.

1963-aztec-gt-2.jpg 1963-aztec-gt-1.jpg

Manta Mirage for sale, New Zealand10 Comment

For Sale, Manta Mirage | Sun, 15 Oct 2006 Posted by :

There can’t be many Manta Mirages in New Zealand, let alone ones that are nice and clean looking like this one… The seller tells me they think it’s in fact the only one in the country. It’s factory built and running a “reputed 400 HP” Corvette engine, with original paint and pinstriping, and the asking price is a very reasonable $19,000 US (or about $29,000 NZ$). If you’re interested, drop a line to OA.Devonport@xtra.co.nz. International shipping can be arranged.

nz-red-manta-mirage-1.jpg nz-red-manta-mirage-2.jpg nz-red-manta-mirage-3.jpg nz-red-manta-mirage-4.jpg nz-red-manta-mirage-5.jpg nz-red-manta-mirage-6.jpg

BMW V12-based Jamaican6 Comment

FiberFab, Jamaican | Sun, 15 Oct 2006 Posted by :

I mentioned in the entry before this one that Mike Dwyer has two Jamaicans. His first is a big block V8, and in this one he’s installing a BMW V12 driveline… Probably the only V12 Jamaican in the world?

bmw-v12-jamaican-3.jpg bmw-v12-jamaican-2.jpg bmw-v12-jamaican-1.jpg

Big Block Jamaican3 Comment

FiberFab, Jamaican | Sun, 15 Oct 2006 Posted by :

Mike Dwyer picked up this sixties Fiberfab Jamaican (he owns two of them) for $2,000 after it had been sitting for about thirty years. He’s currently building it up, and right now it runs a 496 CI big block Chevy V8 and a Corvette rear end, and weighs about 2600 pounds.

silver-jamaican-1.jpg silver-jamaican-2.jpg silver-jamaican-3.jpg silver-jamaican-4.jpg silver-jamaican-5.jpg silver-jamaican-6.jpg silver-jamaican-7.jpg silver-jamaican-8.jpg

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