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For Sale, Laser 917 | Sat, 14 Apr 2007 Posted by :

Alan writes in with the details on the Elite Enterprises Laser 917D that he’s selling,

Very nice series “D” Laser 917. Less than 6,000 miles on car.Car is in immaculate condition and should be seen. These cars look lighting fast just sitting still. Fly Yellow exterior, with black and yellow Recaro interior. Air adjustable ride?, Porsche livery throughout, Totally crazy CD stereo with all the bells, crossovers, amps etc., Remote rear TV monitor ( To aid backing up), push button start, original rims with like new tires, correct front bumper , Non adjustable rear wing, fogs( from Hummer) need relay, The fit and finish of this car is way above average and I would say one of the nicest I have ever seen. VDO gauges throughout, Dual port 1600cc flat four, remote oil filter and cooler, 4 speed transmission, Comes with good plastic all around, Plus one complete set of brand new perspex windows still covered in protective wrap. Car came originally from Tucson, Arizona, now housed in Bronxville, NY 10701. Licensed and registered, with Title in the state of New York. Open to offers or trades… Thanks for viewing, Please call 646-744-5757 for questions or to make appointment to see.

yellow-elite-laser-917-2.jpg yellow-elite-laser-917-1.jpg yellow-elite-laser-917-3.jpg


  1. Charlesze says:

    I have a Laser 917 for sale. It is built on a 1971 VW chassic, 4 speed. Presently, the car is garaged in Philadelphia, PA.. It have a ford V6 motor, pretty heavy for the tranny. I need both driver and passenger side windows, and the orginal front finned rim 8 1/2″x 15 on chevy bolt pattern.Drop in a line at crayev917 @ yahoo

  2. Greg says:

    I was wondering if someone could tell me what brand seat is in that car. I have a customer that would like to get the same thing if its available.

  3. tom says:

    is their room in the back to put a bigger transaxle and v8 power VW engines do nothing for me i hace seen a couple of these cars that i could buy buy didnt because of the engine this car would look fast and go fast with v8 or even a v6 tpwjr13@yahoo.com with reply if you like

  4. Tha Dig says:

    looking for parts can any one help.seat,headlamp covers.thanks

  5. Neil Robb says:

    Can you tell me what the part number or vehicle the lift cylinders came from that you used on your doors.

  6. kaylan weaver says:

    if u have any information or parts contact me at Elmos_world66@yahoo.com

  7. kaylan weaver says:

    i have a laser 49er and i was wondering how to find the history/parts/information on it

  8. Derek says:

    I love the look the Lasers have. The Head turning, Eye popping, WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT LOOK! To bad i can’t afford one. Why is the car being sold around so much? Must be something wrong or at least not totally up to par? Just Asking?


  9. Derek says:

    I love the look the Lasers have. The Head turning, Eye popping, WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT LOOK! To bad i can’t afford one. Why is the car being sold around so much? Must be something wrong or at least not totally up to par? Just Asking?


  10. The13bats says:


    Is that Puch just not hacking it for you picking up the chicks?…just kidding,

    Sounds like you are either misinformed, jealous or a bit of both,
    It’s ok, it happens to some people when they see an uber cool exotic car some people just get that way over them.

    The good part is almost anyone who can afford any car can easily afford a grass roots kit car.
    So you need not feel left out.

    90 HP from a VW engine is actually hopped up,
    A VW based kit car is very light and very peppy for what it is, Shannon said it better than I ever have, adding to that,

    I am guessing about 1% of people who build a “grass roots” kit car ever take it to the track The few that are racers are purpose built and are plenty fast.

    I don’t believe that a bone stock Pinto will really spank a well build VW kit car but even if it did I would much rather been seen puttering along in my Laser 917 than stylin’ in some faded yellow 71 Pinto… but I guess you can haul that puch in the back of the pinto, lol

    You don’t understand stereos or paint or all that car crafter jazz?
    Then I doubt I can explain it to you , but people into car crafting be it a vw kit , street rod or import tuner all want to make their car a better and more personal item,
    We take pride in our cars,
    Some of use want sharp paint and a booming stereo others want a fire breathing engine,
    It’s all about the persons personal tastes and touches they do.


  11. YES! They are totally street-legal.
    YES! They are extremely fast sitting still.
    YES! Mine still turns heads any time I bring it out.
    Mine will be my company car once I get the yellow paint and racing decals on there.

    Jeff Yarbrough
    Certified Transmissions
    Covington, TN
    Registered on the Laser list.

  12. Well, two comments Seth —

    1. The cars are very light and actually get pretty solid performance out of a lower power engine.

    2. How many people with sportscars actually track them? 5%, if that? Unless you’re actually racing your car, who cares — it’s just posturing.

  13. Seth says:

    The Lazer’s do look fast just sitting still. The problem is that most of these cars are as fast off the line as a 300 lb man riding a Moped. A ’71 Pinto could out run one of thes. I don’t understand why so much money goes into the stereo system, paint etc, but will still have the 90 hp VW engine.

  14. Diane Rice says:

    My husband just called you about spoiler. my email is dianerice_1999@yahoo.com or phone is 641-423-4149

  15. P. says:

    That car is back for sale again,
    It’s in cali now and from what the seller told me many things have changed,
    I believe he was asking 12500.00


    That is the link to it.


  16. greg says:

    is it street legal

  17. P. says:

    Sadly CSA went defunct,
    However the new owner of the molds will take care of Laser parts and windows and covers,
    “Dan” at 303/ 816-4444.

  18. I would like to b uy it anyway) Just bring it to africa)

  19. john says:

    Am looking for a laser 917 kit car can only trade for one 530-527-5873

  20. I just bought a Bugatti kit car that is complete and was running and being driven a few years back. But it has never been titled or registered. It was assembled in CT by its oiwner from a kit and VW chassis.

    there might be no documentation.

    I’m in NY. Any advice on how to get it titled here?

    Thanks Bill

  21. some guy says:

    Now, could this be run as an everyday car?

  22. P. says:

    Laser 917 B-D windows and C-D headlight covers are available from
    here is the info, tell Tim Bats sent you and you heard he was having a window/cover sale

    Tim Wacker
    Classic Sport Automobiles, Inc.

  23. I need a front right plexiglass light cover as mine is cracked for my Laser 917. Can you help me locate where I can b uy one? Thanks, Bob Van buskirk 828-286-0038

  24. The13Bats says:

    This car was sold and the new owner is a happy member of the Laser car forum,

  25. Dave says:

    That is just about the coolest thing I have ever seen.

    Great site. There is so much crap on the web when it comes to kit cars and it’s very refreshing to see such a clean and informative site. Thank you and keep up the great work.


  26. The13Bats says:

    A very nice Laser and as nice as my Full frame “D” show car but I just can’t warm up to the Countach or any wing on the Laser and never liked the Laser bumpers, just ruins the lines,
    I can’t believe all the time this car has been listed it didnt sell, I still think laser prices will start going up someday,

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