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White 1969 Invader GT for sale13 Comment

For Sale, Invader GT | Mon, 06 Aug 2007 Posted by :

You know, the Invader GT is without a doubt my favorite “ugly duckling” kitcar out there… It’s over-the-top exotic and wild looking from most angles, but then at the same time, hideous from plenty of others with lots of problematic lines. But still, I’m a big fan of the car, so I was happy to get this set of photos along with the following note:

For sale: 1969 Invader on VW Bug chassis, Dual Carb VW engine with hard to find Aluminum shroud, four speed trans. Clear title driven often lights radio all work, this kit car is still a spectacle to drive as is, however it needs restoration in and out to be like new … This is an all original 1969 Invader kit car, does not have driver side swing-up (gull-wing) Plexiglas or driver side door panel. (Included are the molds for bottom door panels left and right.) The car is located in Eufaula, Oklahoma. $2500 — OBO also partial trade may be considered. Possible delivery for expenses. For more information call Allan at (918) 617-1257 cellphone.

invader-gt-1.jpg invader-gt-2.jpg invader-gt-3.jpg invader-gt-4.jpg invader-gt-5.jpg invader-gt-6.jpg invader-gt-7.jpg invader-gt-8.jpg invader-gt-9.jpg invader-gt-10.jpg invader-gt-11.jpg invader-gt-12.jpg invader-gt-13.jpg invader-gt-14.jpg invader-gt-15.jpg

Is it an Italia kit?29 Comment

Italia, Mystery Cars | Mon, 06 Aug 2007 Posted by :

A friend of Josh‘s spotted this car in a parking lot recently and sent him the pictures to ID. They’re pretty sure it’s a Ferrari 275-inspired kitcar, but weren’t really sure what. Part of me thinks that it’s an Italia, a kit that turns the Mazda Miata into something more red (more on the Italia), but I’m not sure if my guess is right because elements of the car like the hood design are different…

spyder-kit-maybe-italia-1.jpg spyder-kit-maybe-italia-2.jpg

The Pope is gay, right?2 Comment

Hustler, One-offs | Mon, 06 Aug 2007 Posted by :

I’m not sure if I should feel sorry for the person who won this car on Ebay for about £700… It’s kind of funny in a “I have a the whackiest Pope-mobile on the road” kind of way, but I’m not sure if even I could work up the courage to drive it in public, and I’m a pretty flamboyant fellow… It’s a Hustler conversion (check out this history page for more info), based on a Mini chassis — most of course did not include the crown!


A Pair of Bradley GTs For Sale5 Comment

Bradley GT, For Sale | Mon, 06 Aug 2007 Posted by :

Am I back? Who knows. I will try to be.

Arthur (acherman@snet.net) from Torrington, CT, writes that he’s selling his Bradley GT (first generation). He has two for sale, both pictured below. The first one, a 1974, was built as a showroom car and only has 217 miles on it, and the second one, a 1972, needs some minor touchup but runs well. He’s asking $7,000, and is willing to consider a best offer for both as a package deal.

1972-bradley-gt-kitcar.jpg 1974-bradley-gt-kitcar.jpg

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