1978 Bradley GT Kit Car

John writes,

“I’ve had over 40 classic cars, and I’ve never received as much attention as I do when I’m driving this around town. It’s so low and comfortable it’s like driving a bed down the road. The removable back window and doors let you feel like you’ve escaped from the go-cart track! It’s a perfect car with which to enjoy the open road!”

His Bradley GT looks like it’s got a bit of fiberglass repair in its future (and a couple other things), but it really looks great and like a mountain of fun, especially with a paint job that suits it perfectly. This example is of course on a VW Beetle chassis (1966), with a 1300cc engine. It runs great and there’s no reason this couldn’t be a daily driver. John is asking $6000, and you can see tons more pictures both after the break, and on his website at Sunset Classics, where he’s also got a Testarossa replica built on a Camaro.