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Yellow Manta Mirage0 Comment

eBay, For Sale, Manta Mirage | Fri, 29 Aug 2008 Posted by :

There’s a decent looking Manta Mirage up on eBay right now (#220273752407) in Mooresville, IA (although the car has a Missouri title and a California VIN). It’s very bright yellow, and has an unfortunate wing and over-sized scoop mounted on the rear that detract from the car’s lines, but these could be removed for the less garish purchaser. The car was completed in 2000 and is a Ford 302 mated to the 4-speed Corvair transmission — the standard Manta setup. It has disc brakes all around and air bag suspension up front to lift the long, low nose over speed bumps.


Very embarrassing? Or very clever?0 Comment

eBay, For Sale, Laser 917 | Fri, 29 Aug 2008 Posted by :

Advertised right now on eBay right now (#300254142695) in Mason City, IA is this fairly nice looking Laser 917 on a 1966 VW Beetle chassis with a 1300cc engine. The truly hilarious is that it is both listed as, and proudly advertised as with a large sticker reading “PORCHE“. Car comes with a free “BOLEX” watch.

Really, I don’t know if this is a terrible typo that no one has ever had the heart to correct, or if it’s a very clever piece of kit car self-mocking humor. I really hope it’s the latter.

Customized Kelmark GT16 Comment

Kelmark | Fri, 29 Aug 2008 Posted by :

Greg has this Kelmark GT listed for his sister — when I first saw it, I actually thought it was a later variant of the Kelmark, but on closer inspection it appears that the builder has done quite a lot of work to the car to get it looking more like the 246 Dino, including side/door scoops and other vents around the car. The body is in great shape, but mechanically the car needs lots of work including an engine rebuild, tires, and more… So this would be best for a person that’s willing to undertake that work. They weren’t sure what to list it for, and are willing to entertain offers as low as $4,000, which I think is more than fair for this car.

[Edit: Sold]

Red Bradley GT Kit Car For Sale1 Comment

Bradley GT, For Sale | Fri, 29 Aug 2008 Posted by :

Lex in North Hills, PA (near Pittsburgh) is selling this ultra-clean Bradley GT kit car right now for $6,000 — more than a Bradley normally lists for, but in this case I think it’s probably justified. It sits on a ’67 VW Beetle pan with a 1600cc ’72 engine, has only 11,300 miles on it, and is currently running and registered. If you like the Bradley, and want to jump into one without the headache/joy of getting it looking perfect, maybe this is the one for you.

Laser 917 Project Car2 Comment

For Sale, Laser 917 | Fri, 29 Aug 2008 Posted by :

Thomas, who’s located in the Atlanta area, has this Laser 917 (A-model I think) on a 1972 VW Beetle pan for sale. It’s missing the engine but other than that is complete with the transmission, all the wiring, a complete gauge package, and so on. The side window is in the car but not mounted. He’s asking $4,500 or trades like a sandrail, dunebuggy, or motorcycle.

DIY Donkervoort Lotus 70 Comment

Lotus 7 | Fri, 29 Aug 2008 Posted by :

Alexandre Jacquot, a 34-year old French kit car builder, sent in these pictures of his well constructed and totally DIY — everything is made by him including the chassis, driveline, and the aluminum and fiberglass body — Lotus Super Seven replica, a Donkervoort Replica (Netherlands). It was a big job, started in 1994 with a friend (who also started one at the time, but didn’t finish), and finally completed in October 2007.

He’s also posted some videos on YouTube of the car — 1 2 3 4

$120,000 for a kit car???0 Comment

AMT Piranha, For Sale | Fri, 29 Aug 2008 Posted by :

I noticed that there’s an original AMT Piranha up for sale right now that’s recently undergone an extensive restoration — here’s a great Piranha fan site. The Piranha was a simple Corvair-based kit car that came to fame due to being the car in the television show “Man from U.N.C.L.E.”, and about a dozen cars in a variety of forms were made, with about half of them still existing in some form (do visit that fan site if you’re interested). This particular one is the Carbijal racer version, and has been beautifully restored (the first photos are of the restoration, the next two are of the car as they found it — ouch, and the last are a couple historical pictures). I agree it’s a striking and important part of US car history, both as a beautiful and somewhat famous limited production vehicle, and as an important part of composite car history… but $120,000??? That seems outrageous to say the least. There are certainly more important cars — the Devin, the Glaspar, and so on — and plenty of kit cars were in movies (a Laser 917 in “Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo”, a Sterling in “Condorman” and other films, all the kit cars in the original “Deathrace” movie, and so on), and none of them could fetch even close to this asking price.

Gold and Underglowed Kelmark0 Comment

For Sale, Kelmark | Sun, 24 Aug 2008 Posted by :

Zack describes his Kelmark “80-90 percent complete” — judging by the pictures, he seems to me to be at the point where most old kit cars are called “100 percent complete”. He says it’s running well and that it’s currently registered in California (the car is in Roseville, CA). It’s on a VW pan with a chromed 1700cc engine, with an automated underglow kit with seven colors and ten functions, and he’s mounted real Ferrari badges on it. To be honest, I’d probably take some of them off, because I prefer the Kelmark to the 246 GT Dino that it’s inspired by, but at $6,500, this is one of the nicer Kelmark’s you’ll find for sale, let alone at that price. You can reach Zack at zquinn3@yahoo.com.

X-Prize Aztec?12 Comment

Aztec, FiberFab, For Sale, One-offs | Sun, 24 Aug 2008 Posted by :

Jim’s (jameswlinck@hotmail.com) got an interesting first-generation Fiberfab Aztec for sale, with an asking price of $3,000. If you’re wondering why the wheel wells are filled in, he was prepping this car to compete in the automotive X Prize (building a high MPG production vehicle). He decided to drop out though, explaining,

This car is an early Aztec which claimed 100 mph on 40 bhp. It has a very low drag factor and with some extreme clean up is as good as anything entered in the Xprize with the same frontal area. It is well known that a conventional car that is very light and clean with a small motor will get over 100 miles per gallon. One established that at 114 miles per gallon in 1984 and is entered in the Xprize. I can’t decide to spend the time and money to enter since the rules are not established and they can easily favor hybrids or battery power cars, meaning you can not win with a conventional car, which makes the contest look foolish. I have an experimental water lubricated/cooled carbon motor concept I wanted to try and demonstrate in the contest, but its getting too late to throw all of this together without the formula. So I am thinking about selling the car and just making a proof of concept motor and letting it go to patents, which it has to at some point anyhow.

He’s located in Atlantic Beach, Florida. The car is on a VW pan with the Fiberfab subframe, but does not come with papers and is not currently running.

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