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Deal of the day: FREE STERLING!!!9 Comment

For Sale, Sterling | Sun, 21 Sep 2008 Posted by :

Wow, just got tipped off to an amazing deal in Fullerton, CA… Someone on Craigslist (#849651039) is giving away this Sterling kit!!!

Dick Dean Shalako For Sale4 Comment

For Sale, Shalako | Sat, 20 Sep 2008 Posted by :

In the sixties legendary hot rod builder Dick Dean released a buggy/kit car called the “Shalako”, which predates analogous sports-car/buggy hybrids like the Manx SR. Although the vehicle was popular and well known, and MPC built a 1/20 scale model, as well as various magazine coverage, I do not believe that the production numbers are as high as the previously linked article suggests — I think it’s more likely that less than 25 exist. See also this forum thread for a little more info and pictures.

Cliff (cliff_****@***.net – SOLD!) in Miami has his up for sale for an asking price of only $2,000, which I think is a great deal (I’ve told him I think it’s worth double that, so don’t get mad if he ups the price)… This is in far better shape than nearly every other Shalako out there, and would be an amazing start for someone who wants to restore this amazing find.

Super fun Vokaro3 Comment

For Sale, Vokaro | Thu, 18 Sep 2008 Posted by :

I wrote yesterday that I think the Aztec looks like a Hotwheels car blown up to full size… The car I really should have said that about is the Vokaro I think, as evidenced by Owen’s beautiful example of this dunebuggy-slash-sportscar. He’s got it up for sale in the Monroe, Washington area (near Seattle) for an asking price of $4,995. I think it’s worth every penny — it’s finished, titled, and licensed — and I’m completely in love with that paint job, which perfectly suits the car. It’s on a 4-speed 1600cc VW pan of course. Write Owen at willys5298272@netzero.net if you’re interested.

PS. I think it’s “Vokaro”, not “Volkaro” — but someone correct me if I’m wrong.

Stuck in a Countach kit5 Comment

Lamborghini Countach, Video | Wed, 17 Sep 2008 Posted by :

I don’t normally post videos here, but for this I’ll make an exception: If you thought getting in and out of a Lamborghini Countach was hard, don’t even bother trying to escape from a cheap-looking short-wheelbase Countach kit car! Sorry for laughing, but hahaha…

Deal of the Day: Invader GT, $1752 Comment

For Sale, Invader GT | Wed, 17 Sep 2008 Posted by :

If that’s not a typo, someone in the Austin, Texas area is going to trailer home the kit car deal of the year, this yellow Invader GT body for an asking price of $175 (assuming that’s not a typo) on Craigslist (#844359737).

Why people laugh at kit cars7 Comment

eBay, Fiero Bodykits, For Sale, Mystery Cars, One-offs | Wed, 17 Sep 2008 Posted by :

Many of you surely remember the atrocious and embarrassing “Fierri Enzno” that was on eBay earlier this year… Well, I don’t know if it’s the same one restyled, or if there are actually more of these monstrosities around, but there’s a red version up on eBay right now right now (#200255251206)… Opening bid, $200: no takers.

Seriously, it really blows me away that anyone would be caught dead driving something like this, let alone put in the hundreds or, god forbid, thousands of hours of work to create this… Every single element of the car is wrong. Truly terrible.



Red Fiberfab Aztec For Sale11 Comment

Aztec, FiberFab, For Sale | Wed, 17 Sep 2008 Posted by :

This beautiful — if a little damaged — 1966 Fiberfab Aztec flip-top is currently for sale by Keith (keithd—-@—-.com) in Kankakee, IL (near Chicago) for a scant $1,000. The thing I love about this car is how much it looks like a Hotwheels car, blown up to full scale! Keith has owned the car for eighteen years, during which time the car (mounted on a VW pan of course) has never run. So it’s going to be a fair amount of work for the person who takes over the project, but it has such incredible potential… The Aztec is one of my favorite classic kits and a very important part of US component car history.

PS. Wondering about the last photo? Keith explains, “I also included a photo of the car prior to spending $5 on a can of red spray paint…” Seriously though, this car could be amazing if someone wants to put in some real effort.

Unusual and Ultra-Rare GT-40 Kit8 Comment

Ford GT90, Mystery Cars | Wed, 17 Sep 2008 Posted by :

A friend just tipped me off to this very unusual GT-40 inspired kit car for sale in Salt Lake CIty, Utah. The seller describes it as being made in 1972 by “Unique Mobility, Inc.” (who appear to have been a kit car company that primarily built electric vehicles, but I’m not sure), but says it wasn’t finished finished until 2003 and might be the only one of its kind. I don’t think I’ve ever seen another like it. Asking price is an unreasonable $35,000 unfortunately.

The body is a one piece design (and looks like it has an inner skin as well), with modern modifications like shaved door handles with remotes for the doors and trunk, and a VW floor pan that’s been modified to accept a mid-engine V8 design (Ford 289) using Corvair rear suspension and transaxle. The car is essentially new (and comes with all of the recent receipts), having been driven 125 miles, and is registered as a special.

If anyone knows more about this car’s history, please let me know.

The “Gumby” is on eBay3 Comment

eBay, For Sale, One-offs | Mon, 15 Sep 2008 Posted by :

Looks like that odd little “Gumby” car that I mentioned recently has ended up on eBay (#280266174027) which means that we get a little closer look at it… The seller doesn’t know much about it other than it’s a one off, with the one-off fiberglass built around the tube chassis and VW mechanicals (a VW bus I think, judging by the engine?). I think he’s reaching a bit with a $4,000 buy-it-now price, as this seems like the sort of project that anyone who could fix it would rather build themselves from scratch.

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