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New Mantaray Kit/Turnkey0 Comment

For Sale, Mantaray | Mon, 20 Oct 2008 Posted by :

Jim (who’s selling the Jamaicans a couple entries down from this entry — jsimpson@whidbey.com) also has this elegant Mazda Miata based creation called the “Mantaray”. So far he’s built two of them, and is willing to provide them as turnkeys or kits to interested buyers. Drop him a line if you’d like one.

Single owner CCC Sterling for sale3 Comment

For Sale, Sterling | Mon, 20 Oct 2008 Posted by :

This single owner white Sterling — California Component Cars #564 — is up for sale in Penfield, NY for an asking price of $8,000 by Jerry (SterlingKitCar@rochester.rr.com). He built the car back in 1977 while living in Northern California. He rebuilt and upgraded the ’70 1600cc VW pan (four wheel independent suspension) with a rebuilt ’72 engine out of a Super Beetle. The car currently has 35,212 miles on it, most of which were put on it in California between ’77 and ’84.

He moved around a bit, and then when he relocated to NY the car was put into storage where it has effectively stayed since ’94. The pan has a Sterling drop-pan floor for extra head room, and the whole thing has been fiberglassed and pop riveted for additional rigidity. The brakes were rebuilt, and a heavy duty stabilizer bar was added. Four way adjustable shocks were added, as was a custom exhaust to fit the body.

The interior has Stewart Warner gauges (160mph speedometer, 7,000rpm tachometer, oil pressure, oil temperature, fuel, amperes, clock), as well as a compass under the dash and an altimeter on the rear window deck. The four speaker AM/FM stereo has a built-in CB radio. The car also has a heater and defroster. This is probably one of the only times you’ll see a single owner Sterling for sale by the way!

Corvette-Based Fiberfab Jamaican Project1 Comment

eBay, FiberFab, For Sale, Jamaican | Mon, 20 Oct 2008 Posted by :

Jim (jsimpson@whidbey.com) is selling his Fiberfab Jamaican project on eBay (#330280200318). This one is on a V8 Corvette chassis, with the doors hung with working latches, and side windows installed with the regulators. The body is bolted securely to the frame, but the front end is not attached so you can decide if you want to have a working hood or make it a tilt front end (I like the latter personally). The chassis is in very nice condition with no rust, and the bushings all look to be in very good shape. There are brake components in the car but they will need to be overhauled. The engine is a 350 Chevy that runs very well (and has been fired up since being mounted), mated to a sixties four-speed gearbox in very good shape. The car comes with a gas tank that is not installed inside the car.

To finish it, you will need a radiator, drive shaft, wiring harness, and instruments (and you’ll have to fabricate a dash and interior). “Pretty much what you see is what you get.” There is a GM steering column in the car, and the front Corvette and rear Porsche 911 windshields were purchased new for this car and have never been installed in a car before. They are set in place with tape holding them in the openings. The car is in orange gel coat and has never been painted… Some body work will need to be finished and lights will have to be mounted. The car comes with the build manual.

If you’re interested in this Jamaican, bid in the auction. Jim also has a second Jamaican on a TR4 chassis that he’s thinking of putting up for sale (that one runs and drives) — feel free to drop him a line about that car as well. He’s located north of Seattle, Washington.

Kellison Shark Body in Michigan0 Comment

For Sale, Kellison Shark | Fri, 17 Oct 2008 Posted by :

Keith in Westland, MI has had this Kellison Shark for a decade and — as is the fate of many obscure kits — never knew what it was until he posted it for sale and got responses identifying it. The body is in good condition and comes with everything (eight pieces — the floor, dash, doors, front nose, center, and rear end), but it comes without the chassis or any other parts (it bolts to a shortened VW pan). Keith has decided that the project is a little past his skill set so he’s decided to let it go for the extremely low price of only $300. A great deal for such a rare car from a company that would later develop a solid racing pedigree with their vehicles. Write Keith at onetuff72@yahoo.com if you’re interested. There’s a little more info at kellisoncars.com, but not much — this is one of the hardest to find kits out there.

March Hare Back Yard Find!8 Comment

For Sale, March Hare | Mon, 13 Oct 2008 Posted by :

It may not look like much now, but in Tuckerton, NJ, Joe has a really special kit car sitting in his back yard. It’s an ultra-rare March Hare kit car. I know of only three of these so far — the prototype that’s in the first March Hare entry, and two unfinished kits. It’s a rare gem that will be quite beautiful if someone can put in the effort to finish it. This one was started — it looks like the first person cut out the light pods and must have had a plan to redesign them — but was then abandoned. Joe has decided to sell it, so if you’re interested, give him a call at 609-618-6219 between 8AM and 9PM EST.

I’m doing my best to get some info on the other one and maybe even post the assembly manual, so if you buy this one, please drop me a line… It’s one of my favorite kits, and fits in nicely with the recently posted Shalako and the Manx SR and other sports coupes designed to fit on a dunebuggy chassis (ie. a VW pan shortened by 14.5″).

Seriously, this may not look like much right now, but this is a very, very special car and it’s unlikely you’ll have the opportunity to get one again.

Invader GT for sale in BC3 Comment

For Sale, Invader GT | Sat, 11 Oct 2008 Posted by :

Back in 1978 Len found this Invader GT’s body in a guy’s garage in Langley, BC, and fell in love with the shape of the fenders. He bought the body from him in 1978 and built the car up to where it is now, doing all the work himself, originally finishing it in Shell Oil yellow (that’s what the last photos in the set are). After a while he put it into storage in his brother’s barn, where it sat for a decade. He then pulled it out, and had to basically start over mechanically since the engine was seized, and he also changed the colour and body lines at the time, and then drove it until 2003. Since then he’s driven it out of the garage weekly to make sure the problem of the engine seizing up due to neglect doesn’t happen again.

The Invader was repainted about a week ago and is running well and is registered as a 1972 Volkswagen. Len is located in Cloverdale, BC (near Vancouver), and is asking $4,500. I think especially if someone builds the half doors (check out the other entries on Invaders here) they’ll have an amazing car. Reach him at lbeckett@shaw.ca.

“Kit Car Seeks Victim”2 Comment

FiberFab, For Sale, Kelmark, Valkyrie | Fri, 03 Oct 2008 Posted by :

I asked Tucker if I could post about his two kits he’s got up for sale, a Kelmark GT and a Fiberfab Valkyrie (both located in Tahlequah — near Tulsa), and he said, “fine with me… the more potential victims, er, buyers, the better!!!”

It’s so true!

Kit cars seem to be these albatrosses that hang around people’s necks until they eventually land in the garage of the person that turns them into the amazing beauties they have the potential to be. Both the Kelmark and the Valkyrie are some of my favorite kit cars, and Tucker is asking only $1,500 for the first, and $2,000 for the latter. The Kelmark is on a VW pan, and the Valkyrie is on a square tube frame with a Corvair transaxle and a radiator up front. As Tucker says about the Valkyrie — and I think this really applies to both cars — “it won’t be a weekend project by any means, but for the right guy it will make a super car.”

Willing victims should write him at W*****@aol.com.

He’s decided to keep them!

Shalako heads to a new home0 Comment

Shalako | Fri, 03 Oct 2008 Posted by :

Sorry I haven’t posted much in the last days — I promise I have not forgotten this blog!

Steve picked up the Shalako a couple entries down from this one, and it’s now headed off to its new home. I can’t wait to see how this amazing little car turns out. Steve says he’s wanted one for a long time, and in one of those interesting coincidences that happen oh-so-often, it seems that this one was worked on by a friend of his way back in the seventies…

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