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Ready-for-paint Bradley GT in Columbus0 Comment

Bradley GT | Sat, 29 Nov 2008 Posted by :

Tony’s (tony2guy@yahoo.com) got his classic Bradley GT up for sale for an asking price of $2,500 in the Columbus, Ohio area. It looks rougher than it actually is — it’s ready for paint, which will really turn it around — but he says it runs great. It’s on a VW pan of course with a 1600cc engine and IRS suspension. He has the rear window, but no doors.

When in doubt, add more wings!15 Comment

Aztec, One-offs | Fri, 28 Nov 2008 Posted by :

Here’s an update on Jim’s “X-Prize Aztec” — looks like three new front-wings have been added… I mean no offense to Jim’s honest efforts, but as I understand aerodynamics, wings increase drag as a part of increasing downforces, which is the exact opposite of what you’d want to do if your goal is a high mileage vehicle.

Aztec Project Resumed0 Comment

Aztec | Fri, 28 Nov 2008 Posted by :

Richard (tvr_vixen_2500@yahoo.com) recently picked up the red Aztec that was posted here for sale a while back… He writes, “it’s a decent lil car and believe it or not the engine wasn’t seized.” He’s also looking for advice in getting the tilt top working nicely, so drop him a line if you’ve got tips*. He recently rebuilt a TVR, so I’m putting good odds that this car will find itself back on the road when he’s done with it.

* Oops, when I first wrote this entry I read his query as “tilting” but he actually said “titling”… He bought the car with a bill-of-sale, but no title, and is looking for advice getting it titled for use in Illinois. Drop him a line if you know about that.

An Italian Kamala0 Comment

Kamala | Fri, 28 Nov 2008 Posted by :

Rizzo in Italy (gymclubge@libero.it) sends in these pictures of his awesome black Dax Kamala, built around a Cosworth drivetrain… He’s sure this is the best Kamala out there (and the only one in Italy) and as you can see it’s been somewhat customized — hopefully I’ll post more details on that soon.

Flip-Top Sterling Conversion0 Comment

Sterling | Fri, 28 Nov 2008 Posted by :

Yes, yes, I know, I have been terribly neglectful of my loyal readership of late and I promise I’ll post some good stuff in the next few days… Until then, a horribly ugly Sterling that someone has made a series of unforgivable changes to, including a horrendous “hinged” top a la the first-gen Aztec kit car and a truly terrible interior (does it fit anyone over 5’6″?). It’s described as being in “excellent” shape and as complete and running, and is up for sale on eBay (#140284397656) in the Los Angeles area. So far know one has jumped at the $2,000 buy-it-now price and I doubt they will.


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