Mako Shark Replica

You may be wondering why I’m posting a Corvette body kit here, but in addition to being a big Vette fan (I owned a ’74 and a ’77), Corvette prototypes have been beautiful exotics that have inspired a number of kits, and Corvettes share many construction similarities with kit cars. The Mako Shark Corvette was one of my favorite childhood dreamcars — perfectly achieving the design goal of a car that would “look like it’s moving when it’s standing still!”

Ronald has owned two Mako Shark replicas — the first (the first photo in this entry) was the Motion Performance Built 1972 MORAY GT that was featured in Hemmings Muscle Machines and on the cover of Corvette Fever. His second, now for sale (write him at if you’re interested) is a Baldwin Motion “Catalog Car” (one of their kits, but pro-built by a different shop).

This one is on a 1973 chassis (L82 original motor — 270hp — with a four speed transmission and A/C), chrome bumpers front and back, reversed Nova Springs on the front end, “MACO” badges still in Motion Performance wrappers, and hooker side pipes. It’s a nice solid car that would be incredible with a complete restoration. He’s asking $20,000 (not much more than a comparable Vette in good shape would cost), and if someone brings this up to the level of the prototype (click the first link in this entry), they’ll have something priceless. The car is located in Pittsford (near Rochester).