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Mini 18 for sale4 Comment

For Sale, Mini 18 | Thu, 30 Apr 2009 Posted by :

Brian (tuna_641@hotmail.com) is selling this very clean looking Mini 18 VW Beetle pickup conversion. It’s a very rare kit, and I suspect there are less than a dozen of them on the road (and not many more ever made). Brian’s has the original paint (does that matter in a kit?) and he says it runs and drives great. Appropriately it has an 8-track player and a vintage CB radio. Up until recently this car was a daily driver.

It’s on a ’73 Super Beetle chassis, with many new parts (including carb, gas tank, distributer, plugs, plug wires, air cleaner, voltage regulator, belt, master cylinder, wheel cylinders, seat covers, and carpet). Truck is located in St. Ansgar, Iowa.

Fred’s Kyote3 Comment

Dunebuggies | Thu, 30 Apr 2009 Posted by :

Fred bought his Kyote in the early seventies for $1,600, and he’s probably bringing it out of many, many years of storage soon to be sacrificed on eBay. He write, “it needs some work but it is a jewel from the hands of Jefferies — some of my most fun car memories are of cruising the beaches of SE Texas in my Kyote.” I think my favorite thing about it is the station wagon treatment.

Warp 8 Restoration Update1 Comment

Warp 8 | Thu, 30 Apr 2009 Posted by :

Having made the very wise or very foolish (depending on your point of view) decision to keep and restore rather than sell his ultra-rare Warp 8, Andrew has been working on building a new frame for it. The internal framework will be laminated into the body work. You can also follow the restoration project in Complete Kit Car magazine.

New Beetle Dune Buggy26 Comment

Mystery Cars, VW Beetle | Thu, 30 Apr 2009 Posted by :

Yes, yes, I am the worst blogger ever, disappearing for months on end. I know.

Anyway… Peter sent me this picture from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, of a couple of mystery cars. They seem to be dune buggies built on a New Beetle? Anyone know anything about these?


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