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My new project…..4 Comment

Uncategorized | Sat, 28 Jul 2012 Posted by :

Well ok so it is not a kit car. It is a 1993 Nissan 240sx convertible. I am going to be turning this one in to a drift car for the track I operate. It has the stock KA twin cam motor which will eventually be removed to make way for a RB25 or SR turbo motor. I got it of of CL for the low price of $1300 . From what I am told the rims could be sold off for more than what I bought the car for. I guess they were about $650 each when new and sought after because they are light and two piece. It also came with Tien springs, KYB shocks, and a 5 speed swap(Verts NEVER came with a 5speed) All and all a good purchase…


So what new projects do all of you have going on this summer?

My new Trike4 Comment

Trike | Mon, 23 Jul 2012 Posted by :

while not a car the VW trikes still have their heart in the same spirit as they too use the VW donor.
I have owned and worked on other VW based trikes and this one just kind of happened,
I had a PT Cruiser I didn’t need and the owner of the trike needed a car for his wife,
So we swapped, it was located up near Jacksonville in beautiful Bryceville Fl,
On the way back home to Orlando Tina and I stopped off to see my dad who enjoyed our new toy.
We went the back way home with the stock 1600 VW engine burping and stuttering from poor timing and carb adjustments, the irony was the China import ignition switch gave out as we coasted into our driveway.
I need to get in there and see if the wiring is as big a mess as I fear.

Bradley GT with Kelmark GT nose for sale on eBay0 Comment

Bradley Automotive, Bradley GT, Kelmark | Wed, 04 Jul 2012 Posted by :

Hey everyone,

My personal car is available for sale on ebay. I am not going to bore everyone with the specifics but if you want to get a brief walk through of the build and can be found here http://bradleygt.com/index.cgi?board=general&action=display&thread=811

Auction is starting at $3750 and no reserve or you can BIN for $4250


Sterling, My first Kit Car1 Comment

Sterling | Tue, 03 Jul 2012 Posted by :


I have owned many customs and kits through the years but of course my first kit car is going to have a soft place in my heart and this is my old Sterling,
I never really expected to see one of my old cars up for sale and still wonder what became of my Avenger and Valkyrie.
This is the car I flew out to Vegas bought from the original owner/builder and drove home cannon ball run style, and just like the Sterling in cannon ball run my car broke down a fair amount.

I spoke with the seller who I get the impression bought the car from the stereo shop owner I sold it to with the intentions of flipping it for tall dollars.
When I owned the car is was still the special ordered Frenchs yellow gel coat, I had AC and used it as a daily driver for several years, my dad rebuilt the engine and added the power lift to the top.

I am not really into all the thumping bass heavy stereos so that doesn’t impress me, I wish they had not yanked the AC, the Sterling is one of the best made kit cars if I was still into VW stuff and wanted a hell of a cool daily driver I might offer the seller a bit less, I mean the car isn’t turn key so it simply can’t fetch top dollar but otherwise this really looks like they fixed it up a lot from when I owned it.

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