917 Laser Kit car with Replica car pricing.

917 Laser Kit car with Replica car pricing.

( Nice pics for a car of this asking price. )

A friend from the Laser forum sent this one to me, after the shock wore off and the hysterical laughter lifted I have gotten around to posting it.

Seems the overpriced early kits are spreading like a contagion and it actually today is chapping my butt a bit, back to that in a few.

I know this car, it runs or did run a type 4 engine and from the looks of the off camber of the rear wheels a swing rear axle. ( I don’t like swing axles )
I was given the impression years ago from pictures and the owner the paint and interior were so-so,
( note faded red paint in the interior pictures )
I hated the way he hacked off the rear lower valance but he says it looks more like the real 917 now.

Well lets get real, a Laser is to a Porsche 917 what my Valkyrie is to a GT 40, a Cartoon Caricature at best.
These cars are NOT replicas, want a 917 replica go see Fran at Race car Replicas but do not try to pass a Laser off as one.

When I see sellers get all cheesy with out in orbit pricing akin to running Ferrari badges on your Kelmark I realize why too many times people look at kit cars as cheap low end junk and the owners as some bunch of full of BS dolts, who can blame them?

Sadly the fact this is a very sweet looking car ( in the pictures ) gets lost when we see the ridiculous asking price.

I truly hope anyone interested in the Laser which is a most wonderful early kit and one of if not the most radical looking of the VW based kits will take a look around the net, Beautiful show car Lasers are out there and pop up for 3500-8K and basket cases or “projects” can be had from free up to a K or two.

BUT if 35 K sounds like a great deal on this one be sure to jump as it won’t last long.