Reader Submitted Ugliest Lambo Creation Ever!

Reader Submitted Ugliest Lambo Creation Ever!

I’m a long time fan of the site. I think I’ve been reading it since
the late 1990s. It looked a lot different then. I’m glad it is being
updated regularly now.

I recently ran across a photo of a Lambo one-off which was just too
ugly not to share. It’s based on an un-stretched Mk2 MR2 and uses the
original roofline. While I think that roofline suits the F355 kits out
there, how can anyone in their right mind think it suits a Countach?
And while I applaud people who think outside the box (like the guy who
built a Lambo on the Pontiac Solstice) even when it doesn’t turn out
great, I think trying these things is what kit cars are all about.
Trying something new and being creative in hopes that it will turn out
great. However, a Countach on an unmodified MR2 just never had a

Thanks Rick, We are glad to be able to keep such a great site alive and active. Keep on submitting your images and comments.

Ugliest Lambo