Price Of His Toys (you know… “the difference between men and boys” — in this case, we may be boys, and proud of it) is one of the oldest kit car sites on the internet, and one of my older projects, having been put aside and resurrected a half-dozen times over the last decade. Hopefully it sticks this time. If you’d like to learn more about me (Shannon Larratt) and the various things I do, please visit my main personal blog at I’m also developing a sportscar for the snow, which you can check out at Larratt Snow Cars.

I’ve been a kit car enthusiast my whole life, and nearly every vehicle I’ve owned is either DIY or at least customized in some way… Here are a few of the projects I’ve had so far:

In March of 2012 Shannon decided to step away from Price Of His Toys after a long hiatus . He left in the capable hands of a long time kit car enthusiast from Orlando Florida. With the change came a great new layout, classified section and forum. Than you Shannon for this great opportunity to keep this site alive!

Sadly on March 15, 2013 Shannon Larrett passed away . He suffered from a rare muscle disease called tubular aggregate myopathy . We wish you the best old friend.