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Fiberfab Medallions0 Comment

Avenger, FiberFab | Tue, 21 Oct 2014 Posted by :

Hey Everyone,


Sorry for the lack of updates lately. Life and business has been busy for me. I was curious what sort of interest there is out there to have any of the fiberfab medallions made? Specifically the Avenger and Aztec 7 ones. If there is a need I can expand into the Valkyrie and other cars. These would be cast from the same material as the originals and be the same size/weight as the originals. I do not have a firm price yet but I would expect them to be in the $25-$30  each range.


Feel free to let me know your thoughts.




Off topic but who does not like extra money?0 Comment

Uncategorized | Fri, 04 Jul 2014 Posted by :

Hey everyone,

I usually like to keep things on the automotive side here but this is something I really feel I need to share. On june 10th 2014 armed with $20 I joined a program with over 50,000 members. The idea was simple Using major companies like eBay and Amazon you could make money. This was not some get rich quick thing, not affiliate marketing, or MLM. At its basic form it is a set of training videos.

I went into these training videos with no expectations and fully expected just to cancel my membership pretty fast. As I started getting into it I was blown away at how easy everything in the videos was. So about 2 days later I started using what I learned and since then (and little under a month) I have made over 50 sales on eBay. The end result is over $6000 in sales, using other peoples money. Not bad if I do say so myself.

Im not going to bore you with specifics, or anything like that. I will just attach a few screenshots of my paypal account over the past two weeks for you to see. That should pretty much give you an idea that it can and does work. Of course these results are mine alone, and you could have better, the same, or not as good. But think of it this way. $20 is what it costs. You most likely spend more then that eating fast food, getting coffee, or whatever.

If you are interested in more info check out my site at www.extraincomeorlando.com

Happy 4th of July!


David Loring Mantis Body Found3 Comment

Loring Designs, Loring Mantis | Thu, 03 Jul 2014 Posted by :

Well Check this out. Jay sent us this photo of a pretty cool car. I only know of one and that is in David Lorings possession. It appears to be a Mantis Habua but I sent David an email to verify it. Its a cool body and I hope the owner can build it, or at least try and sell it at a reasonable and not “OMG THIS IS THE RAREST OF RARE KITCARS ON THE PLANET” Price.

I cant wait to get more updates and info on this car. !!!

Formula Drift Miami0 Comment

Uncategorized | Sat, 31 May 2014 Posted by :

As some of you may know I run an Oval Track. We do stock car racing, drifting, autocross. In addition we have a 2 drag strips. Anything with a motor is pretty cool in my book. Something I have been pretty vocal about over the past few years is Drifting. Several of my friends have gone on to compete in a pro level in the years I have been involved.

This weekend formula drift is in Miami. These events usually have crowds of 10-20,000 people in attendance. Drivers are sponsored by Ford, Nissan, Chevy, Toyota, and just about every tire manufacturer out there. This is a pretty big deal. Live stream for this event starts at 12:30 etc and if you have a few minutes you can watch it here. www.formulad.com/live

Whats with the ridiculous Ferrari kit cars today?0 Comment

What is it? | Thu, 24 Apr 2014 Posted by :

Man what a great day to be looking for bad kit cars. As if the beautiful example of the Ferrari in our last post was not enough, I now get you with the 1 – 2 punch! Check out this gem. This one started life as a perfectly good Fiero GT by the looks of it then someone felt they needed a dino or whatever you would like to call that rear. I am beginning to think I am in the wrong business. Take a feiro, put a god awful body kit on it, and a $22,0000 BIN and BAM! Making that cash!

But seriously who out there would drive this? If someone on this website would drive it, please go away and do not come back hahahahah

On to the photos….

Sometimes you should leave the build to a pro……0 Comment

What is it? | Thu, 24 Apr 2014 Posted by :

Man oh man. Sometimes you just have to say “What the hell are they thinking” This car has made its rounds for sometime and everytime I see it I cant help but cringe at the sight of it. To even use the Ferrari name in this is not only an insult to Ferrari, but to anyone who has a well build Ferrari kit car.

This is an example of a horrible kit car, on a horrible chassis and lets not forget about that HORRIBLE Asking price!

Wrong on so many levels…..UGH!

Mexican Dune Buggy3 Comment

Uncategorized | Sun, 09 Mar 2014 Posted by :

I see people asking where they can get one of these so I figured I would share the info . They are produced in Mexico and here is a rundown of what it costs. All prices are in US Dollars.


Complete body and interior kit including body, hood, trunk, windshield, seats, dashboard, cluster, steering wheel, headlights, rear lamps. $9900

Tire and Rims: $3000
New Fuel Injected 1600cc VW Engine: $3200
New VW Bug Chassis:$3000
New brakes and suspension: $2500

Turnkey: $20,000 plus shipping

You can contact Alfredo at +521-333-1000-444 or alfredo_gomez@me.com. Be sure to let him know you got his info from Price Of His Toys

This could be the nicest Fiberfab Aztec I have ever seen but………..2 Comment

Aztec II, FiberFab | Tue, 04 Mar 2014 Posted by :

Ok I admit it. This car is pretty damn sweet. You can tell a lot of time and money has gone into building this. I would challenge anyone to find a nicer one on this website, or anywhere on the internet. BUT the seller is asking a cool $35,000 for the car. I dont know ladies and gentleman but it seems a tad bit on the high side. Here is what the listing says about the car …


Turbo Subaru
Rear-view Camera
1974 VW Suspension
Roll Cage
4 Wheel Disc Brakes
Late-model Corvette Taillights
Pneumatic Tilt Top with Remote Control
Heating and Air Conditioning
Electric Windows
House of Kolor – Candy Apple Red Paint

I have just finished building this kit car. I have owned it for many years and I finally got it done. It has a mid 90’s Turbo Subaru mounted to a 091 vw transaxle. The radiator is mounted up front with two electric fans. It has a 15 gallon gas tank. I used a rear heating\air conditioning unit from a chevy van. The paint is a House of Kolor Candy Apple Red with a silver base. I did all the work myself and know the car inside and out. It is sold as is.

Want it. Send him a message http://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/cto/4355201540.html

Surprise Surprise. A RARE Kit Car5 Comment

Elite Enterprises | Tue, 04 Mar 2014 Posted by :

Can you believe it? A Rare Lazer 917 on Craigslist. For the low Low price of $5000 you can own this one. I guess the upside is it has something other then a VW engine in it. The downside is everything else. But hey Its worth that to someone I am sure.

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