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Italian owner needs help with Alfa Romeo kit car0 Comment

Uncategorized | Mon, 18 Feb 2013 Posted by :

A friend sent me a line that Vito from Italy is hoping to find information on his kit car, An Alfa Romero replica type.
He seeks documents, manuals, brochures, you get the idea, Since I am far more savvy on the GT types I thought I would post this in hopes some readers could help Vito out on his car.

Great buy on Florida Avenger7 Comment

Avenger, FiberFab | Sun, 17 Feb 2013 Posted by :

Looks like when I paid less than 3000.00 for my project Valkyrie and thought that was top dollar I got a real bargain, I had no idea these Avengers had gone up so much in value.


917 Laser Kit car with Replica car pricing.5 Comment

Laser 917 | Thu, 31 Jan 2013 Posted by :

( Nice pics for a car of this asking price. )

A friend from the Laser forum sent this one to me, after the shock wore off and the hysterical laughter lifted I have gotten around to posting it.

Seems the overpriced early kits are spreading like a contagion and it actually today is chapping my butt a bit, back to that in a few.

I know this car, it runs or did run a type 4 engine and from the looks of the off camber of the rear wheels a swing rear axle. ( I don’t like swing axles )
I was given the impression years ago from pictures and the owner the paint and interior were so-so,
( note faded red paint in the interior pictures )
I hated the way he hacked off the rear lower valance but he says it looks more like the real 917 now.

Well lets get real, a Laser is to a Porsche 917 what my Valkyrie is to a GT 40, a Cartoon Caricature at best.
These cars are NOT replicas, want a 917 replica go see Fran at Race car Replicas but do not try to pass a Laser off as one.

When I see sellers get all cheesy with out in orbit pricing akin to running Ferrari badges on your Kelmark I realize why too many times people look at kit cars as cheap low end junk and the owners as some bunch of full of BS dolts, who can blame them?

Sadly the fact this is a very sweet looking car ( in the pictures ) gets lost when we see the ridiculous asking price.

I truly hope anyone interested in the Laser which is a most wonderful early kit and one of if not the most radical looking of the VW based kits will take a look around the net, Beautiful show car Lasers are out there and pop up for 3500-8K and basket cases or “projects” can be had from free up to a K or two.

BUT if 35 K sounds like a great deal on this one be sure to jump as it won’t last long.


Early Invader going cheap0 Comment

Invader GT | Mon, 07 Jan 2013 Posted by :

The invader always intrigued me, it was a very simple kit much like the early Bradley and like the Bradley it did get a face lift being revamped and more refined along the way, ( For a better look )

This example seems to be an early one with the full plastic windows making a pseudo gull wing door, which I could see just leaving the doors at home for more of an open air feel.

Seems it could use some work but the fun for the buck ratio with this one seems high.


Aquila after the molds…..0 Comment

Uncategorized | Mon, 07 Jan 2013 Posted by :

Just when the molds come up and we mourn the death of another grass roots kit we have this stunning example offered,
I admit I have never seen one in person and while it’s said to be styled after a BMW I see some Pantera-ish look to it too,
I could see this with AC being a cool daily driver.
This example looks very good to me if I see any downside the huge over done beveled body seams look gross, the rear seams vary in size and I would have to make that look better if I owned it.
Next bummer to me is it’s built on a 64 which makes it a swing axle and why the anemic 1300 single port?
This one isn’t road ready so even with a reserve it might be a good deal for someone, timing not right for me for this make and model,
So read the ad carefully it needs work but looks sweet what would YOU pay for it?


No bugs Aztec 7 ebay no reserve0 Comment

Aztec 7, FiberFab | Mon, 19 Nov 2012 Posted by :

Here is a pretty sweet Aztec 7,
I do not know why but for me some cars have more heart and soul than anothers of the small color , make, model,
This is one for me, the interior is stunning, looks to me like a real import exotic,
The engine will never be mistaken as “just another VW” with speed to keep up with the looks this might just be the one for you if in the market for an Aztec 7,
And the auction is past reserve meaning the high bid gets the car…lets see how it turns out.

“This Is A Replica Of The 1981 Alfa Romeo Carabo by Bertone. Titled In Delaware As Antique. KENNE BELL Buick V-6 racing motor, Over $6k In Motor. This Is A Mid Engine Car, Porsche 5 Speed, Lamborghini Windshield, 21,000 km. A Must See…………. Only One In Delaware. Gull Wing Doors, Red Carpet, CD etc. Have All Records From 1980 To Present. Built In Canada. If You Would Like Specific Pics Just Ask. Ask Anything. I’ve Owned Car For 7 1/2 Years Now.
poss. trades considered. 302-492-1994 and/or 302-535-0075″


Another rare kit or so he says…..2 Comment

Uncategorized | Wed, 14 Nov 2012 Posted by :

ford gt40 replica (avenger gt12x) – $2500 (inland empire)



“Selling my 1972 fiber fab avenger gt12 prototype (ford gt40 replica kit car) for $2500. The car is a 3 piece prototype model the company made but never released. Has a custom box frame, fiberglass body and 4cyl flat.corvair motor and vw.trans.. Independant front and rear suspension. 2 seat rear mounted motor lay out. No vin. I bought it for 3 grand a few years back. I wanted it as my next project but mybheart isnt in it. has NO VIN. the original owner never registered it so once you are done you can register it as whatever you want. will provide bill of sale. no low ballers or trades. i dont have room for anymore stuff. these vintage kits were uncommon and this model especially since it has the external scoops. all scoops on the car are functional and the wheels are american racing magnesium wheels. SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY. NO BS. 9096841031 ”

( Since CL ads expire I included the ad text above )
This is being hailed as a special Fiberfab prototype never released and GT40 replica,
I love Avengers and Valkyries more so BUT I do NOT call them Replicas, inspired by the GT40? sure, replicas? no way!
I tell looky lous my Valkyrie is Lola inspired, I think they resemble the Lola that the real GT40 was built from.
I really doubt that this car is a one off, I see nothing different than any of the zillion other Avengers that were released,
He mentions all the scoops are functional which was up to the builder, but by no means is “rare” the higher scoop looks larger to me but again so many of these cars were builder modded that proves nothing as far as this being one of a kind,
These vintage kits were NOT uncommon and the Avenger is one of the most produced of all kit cars, so he is mistaken there.
Fiberfab did offer a box frame that used Corvair suspension parts, but this one is said to have a Corvair engine or the VW gear box, so it’s either a transaxle with a flipped ring or the engine is rebuilt to run in reverse to stock.
I see avengers in this condition go for free to perhaps 5-800 and with no VIN which is akin to you stole it in Florida I really do not see this fetching 2500.00 ( I didn’t pay that for my valkyrie in better more complete condition )
Irony, he ends ad with “No BS”
But if you think I am a quart low and find this car a bargain by all means ante up and give it a loving home.

Wild cool Dino looker…Magnum2 Comment

Uncategorized | Wed, 10 Oct 2012 Posted by :


I admit I love this car, and it’s not a Kelmark but the better looking Magnum.
There was very few years that you could flip the ring in the IRS VW tranny but I guess this would be Okay with 6 cylinder power, when I hung a Buick 6 off my Avenger VW tranny I lost first gear.

What I don’t like is you loose the cool trunk when you go mid engine with a Kelmark or Magnum,
Either way….this car is sweet.

Aztec 7 super car1 Comment

Aztec 7, FiberFab | Wed, 10 Oct 2012 Posted by :

This is one of those “almost” kit projects that pop up for sale from time to time.
It started as an Aztec 7 but left all that putt putt VW stuff behind, this mean baby has a full tilt custom built chassis and transverse v8 power. ( I have to wonder will that rear mounted radiator keep it cool when things get hot. )
Seems no expense was spared in this build the passion and desire shows and I have to admit I feel badly for the owner having to sell it before seeing the dream come true. When finished I can see this as the ultimate Aztec 7. I would love that chassis under my Valkyrie.
The owner openly admits the body might not be to everyone liking and adds that being the chassis was built for a VW based kit car that the chassis could work under many other VW based kits to get a go that keeps up for the show, I would do some measurements to see if it would fit your body, just because it was made for “vw based” does mean it will fit all VW based kits with out some cutting and fitting. lets face it with a little work and tweaking regardless of body choice this could end up being a true super car.
While the investment was many times the asking price if you are bucks up and 15 K sounds like a deal, hit them up and give this car a home and the finish it deserves.


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