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Bill’s Alfa Romeo9 Comment

Alfa Romeo, One-offs | Wed, 10 May 2006 Posted by :

Bill May’s Alfa Romeo Grand Prix Roadster replicar, built on a 1968 VW chassis, was put together in 1970 as a protype for a kitcar line that never really materialized (only five were later made). This is probably the only one of the set that’s still running. New everything, and great for driving in every parade he tells me. It’s a very sharp little classic, and quite small — about 13′ long, 4′ wide (wheel to wheel), and only 30″ to the top of the windshield — and that’s with 8.5″ of ground clearance!

mvc-00-1.jpg mvc-001s.jpg mvc-002s.jpg mvc-004s.jpg mvc-005s.jpg mvc-007s.jpg mvc-008s1.jpg mvc-009s.jpg

I think it ended up selling for a bit under $10,000. Anyone know where it is now?

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