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Amante GT on Craigslist0 Comment

Amante GT | Tue, 25 Nov 2014 Posted by :

This has been a favorite car of mine since I first laid eyes on them. This one would be one heck of a project . One that I have no time in my life for. I am sure you could beat them up on the price a bit, and this may have even been one that has been sold a few times. They say it needs a alot of work and they are correct. Its $1200

From the listing….

The Amante needs a lot:

one door glass
one rear window
small floor pan patches
gauges/all interior
a few headlights/one blinker lens
gas tank, etc


Amante GT - CL

Amante GT for sale on eBay!1 Comment

Amante GT | Thu, 29 Mar 2012 Posted by :

Ok so I really want this car! Not that I have the room for it but if I did I would own it. This is just one of them kit cars you just cant but love. Judging by the photos it is in pretty good shape. The auction does not offer much info other than the car is in good condition and the doors shut well. One of our readers really needs to purchase this car. Check out auction number 270942487571

South African Mystery Kit Car… NOT!0 Comment

Amante GT, Mystery Cars | Wed, 11 Jun 2008 Posted by :

Adriaan was wondering what this mystery car he spotted in South Africa was… I’m 99% sure that what he’s stumbled on is a rare version of the Amante GT, which was sometimes made with these lights and features. The Amante was first manufactured in 1969 under the name “Gazelle”, fit to a VW pan and front and rear glass from a Rambler Marlin.

A variety of styles of Amante GTs exist, with options including different headlight configurations, different three-quarter panel styles (windows, a small window and a scoop, or a large scoop), as well as different front and rear decks (smooth, twin depressed scoops, or a single raised scoop), as well as a rear spoiler. The car was made by a variety of companies (Hebina Plastics, Voegele Industries, Performance Designers, and Amante Cars), and went out of production in the mid/late seventeis. The variation that Adriaan found is one of the less common ones so it wasn’t quick to recognize.

Robert’s Amante GT12 Comment

Amante GT, FiberFab | Sat, 30 Sep 2006 Posted by :

Robert writes, “Here are some pics of my car. I’ve recently been in contact with the people who designed this car and have been learning much about it and the history surrounding it as well. The prototype was called a Gazelle and was developed by ex Fiberfab employees who were fed up with FF’s lack of quality in their manufacturing techniqes. The company was Hebina Plastics and they were on to something good. In 1969 they were up against some difficulties so they sold the company to yet another FF dissident who was ready to start doing things “right” and it became Voegele industries. Here is an exerpt from the letter I received:”

I was able to buy Hebina Plastics for not much cash and I was determined to bring to market a classic sports coupe which contained quality features heretofore unknown in the world of “kit” cars….Built in steel roll bar, steel tubing beneath the doors, steel door frames & jambs with piano hinges joining them, steel tubing within the doors (this later became standard in all cars for crash protection. In our case, the intent was to maintain the dimensional integrity of the FRP doors). We also had separate pieces of molded FRP for headliners and as innerliners for the hood, trunk, and headlight covers, as well as the doors. One of the biggest quality features that we added lay with the resin we used. We bought isophthalic polyester resin when the rest of the competitive was using orthothalic resins. The cost difference was only something like $100 per car, but it gave us much improved strength and, more important, dimensional integrity. That is, each part would better keep its molded shape.

Anyway, we made a number of minor changes to the original Gazelle shape (dual headlight covers, hood and rear quarter window options, etc.) and we developed packages such as instrumentation, wiring harnesses, upholstery options, etc. We had a pretty good thing going for us. We hired a sharp local guy (Ron Mitchell) as our Sales Manager. He had worked with J. Walter Thompson Co. (advertising) on the Ford account in Detroit. Like me, Ron loved cars. By the way, I was commuting some 60 miles from Walnut Creek during much of this period.

I won’t get into the blow-by-blow of our experiences at this point, but suffice it to say that we worked very hard. I remember, at one point, being awake for three days and three nights without sleep when we were preparing to exhibit in the New York International Car Show in (I think) 1970. That, too, is another story.

In all, we sold some 150 Amante’s, including one in England, one in the Orient, and one somewhere in the Middle East. In 1970, the economy took a turn for the worse, and our business fell off dramatically.

“As you can see, she’s a rare car indeed. I would like to help get the word out on this quality built component car and if anyone has questions, please contact me at rherron@smwireless.net.”


amante-gt-1.jpg amante-gt-2.jpg amante-gt-3.jpg amante-gt-4.jpg

You never know what you’ll find in a field!26 Comment

Amante GT, FiberFab, Jamaican | Fri, 21 Apr 2006 Posted by :

Jim found this partial kit bured in a junkyard in Maryland, sitting on a VW chassis. Asking price was $500, so Jim wanted to know what it was… It seems to be a FiberFab Jamaican. Edit/Oops: No, it’s an Amante GT!

kit.jpg kit1.jpg kit2.jpg kit3.jpg

To put that a little more into context, here’s John’s very in-progress Jamaican. His was built around a Karman-Ghia chassis with a tube chassis laid over top of it. I actually think he’s sold it since, but in these photos he’s about $4000 into the project. I wish I had a better set of photos of a Jamaican to show you today — it’s a beautiful, classy and ahead-of-its time car.

jam1.jpg jam2.jpg jam3.jpg

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