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Mystery UK kit? Apal Corsa!8 Comment

Apal Corsa | Tue, 09 May 2006 Posted by :

My Bulgarian friend Joe Lee sends in this picture of a somewhat “Marcos”-looking kitcar that he thinks is out of the UK and is sitting on a Beetle chassis. Anyone recognize it? Is it even a kit car? I could swear I recognize it but my brain just isn’t working tonight.


UPDATE: This is actually a Beligian kit made by dune-buggy company APAL, the CORSA (in many ways this car is philosophically similar to the Manx SR). To the best of my knowledge it was a 2+2 sportscar (admittedly the backseat was pretty tiny) built on a VW chassis made for the latter half of the 70s. It was made with both a hard-top with gullwings and as a full roadster.

This car was briefly marketed in the UK by Cartune.

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