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Avante For Sale3 Comment

Avante, For Sale | Tue, 12 Sep 2006 Posted by :

Norman is selling has sold one of only (about) ten Avantes believed to be still in existence. It’s built on a sound Beetle chassis with the 1600cc VW engine and rides on original refurbished Compomotive alloy wheels. This particular car has been extensively modified with the addition of a professionally built rear spoiler and front air dam. Over the last two years it’s been completely restored with new wiring, engine valves, guides, and rings, and retrimmed with new seats, new disc pads, batter, and windscreen demister, although it still needs minor detail work to make it perfect — Norman is selling it because he has two, and one has to go! The car has been extensively restored over the last two years including rewiring, new engine valves and guides and rings, completely retrimmed, new seats, new disc pads, battery, and a windscreen demister fan fitted.

avante3.jpg avante2.jpg avante1.jpg

The car is in the Preston, UK area, and the asking price is a very reasonable £2499.

Avante Kit, Almost Free!!!2 Comment

Avante, For Sale | Mon, 10 Jul 2006 Posted by :

Update: This car is now sold.

Jeff has an Avante project (sistercar to the Nova) that was started in about 1986, but was abandoned after the body was fitted to a VW Beetle floorpan and before the ‘fit out’ could be completed. Since then it’s been dry stored under cover.

It comes with a complete set of body parts including the centre console and all the glass. It is minus the engine and various parts such as seats, lights, windscreen wipers and interior trim, but those are inexpensive. Jeff is open to offers on price, three or four hundred pounds, although he admits he’s more interested in finding a good home for it.

The Avante is located in the High Wycome, Bucks UK area. Anyone interested can contact Jeff by email at XXXXXXXXX or at XXXXXXX during the day or XXXXXXX evenings.

Brians-Avante-(03)-090706.jpg Brians-Avante-(02)-090706.jpg

He apologizes that he doesn’t have better pictures, but as well as here on PoHT, you can find more pictures on Google. It’s an attractive and unique vehicle and I hope as well that someone finishes it.

Ledl AS kitcar4 Comment

Avante, Ledl AS, Sterling | Sat, 27 May 2006 Posted by :

Apparently based on or inspired by the Avante and Sterling/Nova designs, the Ledl AS out of Austria is yet another one of these ultra-rare kitcars that my friend (and regular site contributor — I think I need to set him up an account so he can post!) Joe Lee from Bulgaria delights in sending me. It was also sold for a brief period in Germany by the Tevog company.


After 700,000 kilometers of test drives, something like $11 million spent, and 220 cars sold, legal changes made it difficult to continue production and the company folded in 1987. Oh, and if you’re wondering what’s on the hood of the one in the picture, those are solar panels!

Photo courtesy of PEGE.

Avante at Stoneleigh6 Comment

Avante | Fri, 19 May 2006 Posted by :

I think this is called either an Avanti, or Evante but I would really like to know.
Where can I find one in UK preferably.
This was at the recent Kit Car Show @ Stoneleigh

Stoneleigh_show_2006-007.jpg Stoneleigh_show_2006-006.jpg

Yes, it is the UK-based Avante, a little brother (big brother? I don’t know) to the Nova (AKA Sterling in the US), a VW based kit that was relatively popular and still shows up for sale used every once in a while (typically in Europe of course) — and as the photo makes clear, at the Stoneleigh convvention. Be sure you don’t accidentally buy an Avanti which is a very different car, and not really a kit, ha (here’s an Avanti in my neighborhood).

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