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So this is what $2500 gets you these days?1 Comment

Avenger, FiberFab | Sun, 23 Nov 2014 Posted by :

Guess these is a buyer for everything but $2500 for this bad boy? I dont think so. From the eBay auction….

For auction is one Fiberfab gt-12 kit car: body, front, and rear clip. this body fits on the Volkswagen bug chassis. This body has no cracks in it, has the front, rear, and door glass. Included with the kit is a extra front clip, Volkswagen bug chassis, Corvair 6 cylinder flat air cooled motor, motor adapter plate, 2 VW bug transmissions (one on chassis one out), one transmission has the 5 lug axles, new floor pans, wiring harness. Local pick up only, please bring your own trailer, the one that the kit car is on is NOT included in the auction (but is for sale


For $1000 it would be  a good deal for someone.



Fiberfab Medallions2 Comment

Avenger, FiberFab | Tue, 21 Oct 2014 Posted by :

Hey Everyone,


Sorry for the lack of updates lately. Life and business has been busy for me. I was curious what sort of interest there is out there to have any of the fiberfab medallions made? Specifically the Avenger and Aztec 7 ones. If there is a need I can expand into the Valkyrie and other cars. These would be cast from the same material as the originals and be the same size/weight as the originals. I do not have a firm price yet but I would expect them to be in the $25-$30  each range.


Feel free to let me know your thoughts.




New Fiberfab emblems on eBay2 Comment

Avenger, Aztec, Aztec 7, Aztec II, Bradley Automotive, Bradley GT, Bradley GT II, FiberFab, Valkyrie | Fri, 06 Dec 2013 Posted by :

Hey Everyone,


I am pleased to announce the release of several fiberfab emblems in our eBay store. These emblems are created on a 3d printer and are made using ABS plastic. They are super durable and ready to be painted in whatever color you choose. I have the Valkyrie, Avenger, Aztec 7, Migi, and Jamaican. In addition I have the metal hood emblems as well as the hood emblem for the Bradley GT. The plastic emblems are $12.99 and free shipping in the USA.

As a little heads up. Because they are  made with a 3d printer they may have some slight blemishes. From a foot away you would never notice but an inch from your eyes you may. You can check them out here http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=11&pub=5575009554&toolid=10001&campid=5337106048&customid=&icep_store=kitcarguy&ipn=psmain&icep_vectorid=229466&kwid=902099&mtid=824&kw=lg




Great buy on Florida Avenger7 Comment

Avenger, FiberFab | Sun, 17 Feb 2013 Posted by :

Looks like when I paid less than 3000.00 for my project Valkyrie and thought that was top dollar I got a real bargain, I had no idea these Avengers had gone up so much in value.


Dodge Avenger….another bargain2 Comment

Avenger, FiberFab | Thu, 28 Jun 2012 Posted by :


Seems I have seen this one before on Fleabay,
Painted in the Gulf racing colors which I guess is popular to some it looks like a typical mid range build.
I need to have someone tell me why this is a 14 K car and what is “Dodge” about it.

Avenger / Valkyrie Pick of the Week2 Comment

Avenger, FiberFab, Valkyrie | Thu, 28 Jun 2012 Posted by :


Here is something that looks like it started out life as an Avenger or Valkyrie,
Somewhere along the line it had odd ( ugly ) box flares added and a big part of the front end smashed,
It comes with a large amount of rust and other detritus.
If it’s a Valkyrie it’s the late model that you had to get at the engine through the rear window opening.
Asking price of 9500.00 makes this mess my pick of the week, perhaps pick of the month.

So how much would YOU pay for this jewel?

SUPER RARE Avenger GT :)2 Comment

Avenger, FiberFab | Mon, 11 Jun 2012 Posted by :

Well the craigslist ad says it is so it must be right? If you have $4000 OBO you could own this fine example of a super rare kit car.


68 Avenger on Craiglist3 Comment

Avenger, FiberFab | Mon, 23 Apr 2012 Posted by :

Here we go again. What I would say is another overly high priced project car. No title, running motor, and as you can see not only is there no interior, there are NO floors..haha.

Anyway if you are in Georgia and interested in this $5000 project car you can find it here http://atlanta.craigslist.org/nat/cto/2893842009.html


All kidding aside, what would the readers pay for this project? I would not go much higher than $1000 but I am cheap :)


Craigslist Deal of the day1 Comment

Avenger, FiberFab | Wed, 11 Apr 2012 Posted by :

Ok so it is really not a deal. Not even in the realm of a deal. But it was to good not to post and it could be yours for $4200 OBO. Yep not a typo $4200 . http://tampa.craigslist.org/psc/cto/2949042374.html

1971?? GT40 fibreglass fibre fab $4200 OBO

> runs (a driver when it came in)
> clean title as a kit car
> 1500cc VW engine single port
> engine runs, sounds good
> needs total restoration – everything there
> available for inspection – please call for appointment 813-381-6146

Being sold “AS IS” — no warranty/guarantee


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