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Car inspired by the Batmobile2 Comment

Batmobile | Thu, 18 Jul 2013 Posted by :

Hey every,

One of our readers named Koon emailed us some photos and his version of the batmobile. Here is what he had to say…..

Unique Designer – Vehicle!
Bat car – bat – Vehicle!
Built by a very extravagant and futuristic artists and designers – from Koon – design!
Various first-place trophies and at events!
About 7.20 m – long and 2.20 m wide
Ideal as a show and advertising vehicle

The base is a German Ford – Granada V6 from 1984! The Ford Granada was behind the rear axle completely severed and were extended over one meter (1m)! Each of the wings is therefore to a length of about 5 m!

With 2 saw blades forward
Turbine exhaust
3m long trunk
Mini Bat-bike on top of it and more – the photos speak for themselves!
Has a V 6 engine but sounds like a V16 – has no muffler – a continuous tube to the rear and a 120 mm tail pipe!

At present, the Batmobile turns into a 5 seater rebuilt – behind the 3 rocket launchers on the rear hood, a flap is built in a rich 3-seater seat is installed – with outside view for the rider!

Furthermore, the rear wing can be cut back and converted to fold!

The German vehicle title to the vehicle is available!

Incedibel sounds !

The vehicle is ready to drive – but of course no TUV – is surely clear!
Who is resident in England or the USA etc, the course can so drive on the roads – what a fun!

Here in German country the Batmobile on the road must not be driven – it has no technical approval and will not even get!

I wish I would be in America – I could drive all my cars on the street – then I would pay a visit to my compatriot George Barris and him still show what all of me will come – because this Batmobile is almost to what I have in America could and would build!

Best wishes to all!


DIY Batmobile 2/20 Comment

Batmobile, eBay, For Sale, One-offs | Mon, 18 Aug 2008 Posted by :

This nutty steel and fiberglass Batman tribute car was built by Oscar Pumpin. As you might have guessed if you’ve got a sharp eye, this is actually a Bugatti replica on a ’77 VW pan, which was then sculpted into this 22 foot long monstrosity. This is being sold by a seller in Tarpon Springs, Florida who says, “the owner of the original paid $325,000.00 for his — mine is a LOT, LOT, Lot cheaper!”

No doubt!!!! The builder/owner was actually inspired to create it after seeing the Batman Forever original in a local auto museum, and built it over two years of hard work… Now, burned out from all the work, he’s decided to let it go. No doubt it’s also a traffic stopper. It’s currently up on eBay (110280824900).

DIY Batmobile 1/20 Comment

Batmobile, eBay, For Sale, One-offs | Mon, 18 Aug 2008 Posted by :

When I was a kid we had a Plymouth Fury with a 440 in it. After my parents retired it to one of the fields of our farm, I got it in my head that I wanted to convert it into a Tim Burton-era batmobile… Unfortunately I discovered that my brother and his friends had previously gotten high and decided to smash it to bits with a sledgehammer, so that project didn’t get far. Up on eBay right now are a pair of DIY batmobiles that are both pretty crazy looking…

In this post, Alan (tirezan@webtv.net) is selling this one for a friend of his (#290253605530). It’s built on a shortened S-10 chassis with a Buick V6 and a Turbo 350 transmission. The car was built by Bud Holmes in Cleveland, TN (apparently known as “Bad Bud” locally). It runs well but needs a lot of work to finish… I have no doubt that their claim that the car “blows peopls minds” is true… It’s completely kooky!

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