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Going back one more year!4 Comment

Avenger, Carlisle 1998, Cimbria, Conventions, Manta Montage, Mini 18, Sterling | Wed, 17 May 2006 Posted by :

Carlisle ’98… These pictures are thanks of Scott B., starting with this sweet pair of Fiberfab Avengers. The red one is powered by a turbo V6.

avenger.jpg avenger1.jpg

Or check out a pair of unrelated cars both built on race-inspired V6 tube chassis. The car on the left, a Cimbria (I believe now marketted in a slightly improved form as a Neria, but I don’t think the company is truly active). The car on the right is now-defunct Warp 5‘s demo Manta Montage.

cimbria.jpg montage.jpg

And I’ve got to admit, I have a real weakness for the fancy-topped Sterling:

sterling.jpg sterlint.jpg

(Note the Mini 18 in the background!)

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