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Ferrari F40 in Dubai63 Comment

Ferrari F40, Fiero Bodykits, Mystery Cars | Tue, 13 Jun 2006 Posted by :

This very dusty Ferrari F40 replica on a Fiero chassis is currently in Dubai, originally imported from the United States. A potential buyer was asking me if I had any idea who the original manufacturer was… From these photos, can anyone tell?

dubai-ferrari-f40-1.jpg dubai-ferrari-f40-2.jpg

Red (of course) Ferrari F40 Replica16 Comment

Carlisle 2006, Conventions, Ferrari F40, For Sale | Thu, 01 Jun 2006 Posted by :

I’ll be honest with you — I’ve never understood the appeal of the Ferrari F40. I think it’s a weird looking car. I understand that the real thing has stellar performance, but I think most of the time when someone builds a supercar kit, it’s going to underperform the original most of the time (although it may well be more reliable)… But don’t pay any attention to me — my thing is weird VW original exotics, which I’d say the average Ferrari guy thinks are abominations! That’s the wonderful thing about kit cars — to each their own!

That said, since we’re speaking of Ferraris, let’s mention this F40 that was for sale at Carlisle 2006.

ferrari-f40-1.jpg ferrari-f40-2.jpg ferrari-f40-3.jpg ferrari-f40-4.jpg

The engine is a V-6 on a four-speed tranny with a claimed 300 HP (intake and exhaust ported and matched, roller rockers, competition cam, new pistons, new rods, new rings, adjustable twin turbo, counterforce dual friction clutch, new distributor cap, wires, plugs, K&N air filter, and full balancing). The interior is custom as well with Dakota Digital gauges (either very slick or very gaudy depending on your personal ideals), Cobra Kevlar racing bucket seats with Williams covers, a back-up sensor, Momo steering wheel, polished aluminum dash and console, and a boost gauge.

It’s running Dunlop Qualifier P265/50R15 tires at the back, and P225/50R15s at the front, all mounted on 3-piece Ferrari rims. The lights are Ferrari as well, as is the paint, and the mirrors are custom. I don’t know if it sold at the show, but he told me, “first $30,000 $25,000 takes it” if I remember right (of course, that was Saturday morning, so who knows if the number is lower now, or if it sold). If it’s still for sale, you can get in touch with the owner at 240-441-6483 (cell) or 301-855-7598 (home). If it’s sold, someone let me know so I can update this entry!

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