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RCR Ferrari P4 Replica7 Comment

Carlisle 2006, Conventions, Ferrari P4 | Sun, 21 May 2006 Posted by :

One of my favorite cars at the Carlisle 2006 show was the gorgeous yellow Ferrari P4 kit car made by RCR (Race Car Replicas). I wasn’t sure if I’d fit, but I watch a pretty heavy-set guy get in (admittedly he had trouble figuring out how, but fit once he was there), and one of the people working for them was at least my height… and surprisingly the car was very comfortable and roomy!

rcr-ferrari-p4-1.jpg rcr-ferrari-p4-2.jpg rcr-ferrari-p4-3.jpg rcr-ferrari-p4-4.jpg rcr-ferrari-p4-5.jpg

It looks to me like RCR is set to take on the market that was once held (although I’m not convinced they ever made many cars) by Marauder. Their other current cars include a series of GT40 replicas, a Lola T-70 replica, and (exciting especially to me), and a Porsche 917 splashed off of an original body. They didn’t have the Porsche 917 at the show, they did have their GTP/Daytona “RCR-P” shell, which they say will be in production (if I remember right) at the end of the summer:

rcr-gtp-1.jpg rcr-gtp-2.jpg

Most of their cars are coming in around $30-$40k depending on options, and are probably about $50,000 cars once finished if I’m guessing correctly (although I think this RCR-P is planned on being their “budget” car).

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