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Awesome news! The FIA coupe returns!4 Comment

FIA Coupe | Sun, 11 Jun 2006 Posted by :

You may remember long ago I posted about Joe’s Chaparral 2D replica, and eventually sadly reported that the project was dead… Turns out I spoke too soon! It’s back as the F.I.A. Coupe! Chris Arden from Active Power Inc. (gtreproductions.com) has taken it over and is shooting for a fall 2006 release (he’s just waiting on the safety glass windshield tooling). Full details haven’t been released yet, but it sits on a semi-monocoque chassis, uses Corvette C5 suspension, and a Porsche (or other) transmission mated to a small block Chevy or LS1.

fia-coupe-1.jpg fia-coupe-2.jpg fia-coupe-3.jpg

I’ll post updates on this as they come in!

Sadly this never happened2 Comment

FIA Coupe, One-offs | Tue, 18 Apr 2006 Posted by :

Long, long ago I received the following email and pictures from Joe Korkin. I was very excited about it at the time, because this was one of my favorite cars (and continues to be).

Basically I have always been a Chaparral fan,  and have wanted a 2D for quite some time. Unfortunately, no builders that I know of have attempted such a  project. So I decided to build one myself . . . from scratch.

The bodywork shown in the accompanying jpeg photos represents a substantial investment in time, money and energy. Working from vintage photographs, film, and scarce technical specifications,  I painstakingly built a solid model  using CAD software. A plug and mold were subsequently constructed, yielding  the prototype.

Note that no windshield appears in the photos; as this too represents a somewhat costly investment, and is partially contingent on the level of interest generated by my advertisements. If all goes well – and I expect it will – the DOT glass will be forthcoming.

I decided not to provide a chassis for the simple reason that there are so many component/material/configuration options available to the home builder, it would be unlikely that I could produce one with  “universal” appeal. I will  however freely share -assuming you’re interested – the chassis design that I am working on for my personal 2D. This is a hybrid space frame that will utilize  stock Corvette suspension components wherever possible. The powerplant/trans will probably be a small block/ZF.

At this point in time I plan to produce a limited number of body sets in order to partially offset the substantial design/development costs that I indicated earlier.

The prototype is currently located at the fabrication shop in Albany, NY. It is available for inspection on any weekday from 9AM to 5PM.

So thats it. I hope this tickles your fancy . . . after 2+ years of work I’m still as excited as the day I started this project.

chapar-8.jpg chapar-7.jpg chapar-6.jpg chapar-5.jpg chapar-4.jpg chapar-3.jpg chapar-2.jpg chapar-1.jpg

Sadly, the project ended at that point. I don’t know if Joe ran out of money or if he was threatened by Chapparal (since they did later re-release something very sililar as a limited edition “official” retro Can-Am racer). It’s very unfortunate given the obvious effort invested.

Oh, and please don’t call or write Joe about it, the project is dead. If anything changes, I’ll post that here.

Update! (June 2006): The project has been bought out! Click the “FIA Coupe” section to get the latest information!

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