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Fiero-Based Avenger0 Comment

Avenger, Fiero Bodykits | Mon, 15 Dec 2008 Posted by :

Andy (atowtruck@yahoo.com) in Seattle is selling this interesting Avenger project for an asking price of $2,000. He’s grafted the normally VW-based Avenger body onto a Fiero chassis — a great project for the ambitious builder.

The rear fin is off a ’93 Eagle Talon by the way.

Why people laugh at kit cars7 Comment

eBay, Fiero Bodykits, For Sale, Mystery Cars, One-offs | Wed, 17 Sep 2008 Posted by :

Many of you surely remember the atrocious and embarrassing “Fierri Enzno” that was on eBay earlier this year… Well, I don’t know if it’s the same one restyled, or if there are actually more of these monstrosities around, but there’s a red version up on eBay right now right now (#200255251206)… Opening bid, $200: no takers.

Seriously, it really blows me away that anyone would be caught dead driving something like this, let alone put in the hundreds or, god forbid, thousands of hours of work to create this… Every single element of the car is wrong. Truly terrible.



Ferrari F40 in Dubai63 Comment

Ferrari F40, Fiero Bodykits, Mystery Cars | Tue, 13 Jun 2006 Posted by :

This very dusty Ferrari F40 replica on a Fiero chassis is currently in Dubai, originally imported from the United States. A potential buyer was asking me if I had any idea who the original manufacturer was… From these photos, can anyone tell?

dubai-ferrari-f40-1.jpg dubai-ferrari-f40-2.jpg

The “Feroce”8 Comment

Carlisle 2006, Conventions, Fiero Bodykits, For Sale | Thu, 08 Jun 2006 Posted by :

Apparently that’s Italian for “Ferocious”. This was once an ’85 Fiero and had a V8 Archie body kit, and is now owned as the “Feroce” by Edward Stephens in St. Johns, MI. The suspension is adjustable coil overs with tubular control arms, the interior sports a custom dash and leather seats, the engine is a 160 HP 3.4L V6 out of a ’95 Firebird, it’s painted in PPD Mandarin orange metallic, and rides on Nitto NT 555 225/40ZR-17 tires.


It’s won first place at the 2003 “Full Sport” Detroit Autorama, and has been feauted in Speed Style and Sound, Kit Car, Sport Compact Naitonal, Domestic Driver, and other magazines. Visit feroce.com for more information.

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