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GP Concessionaires LTD Talon0 Comment

GP Talon | Tue, 28 Dec 2010 Posted by :

GP Concessionaires LTD Talon. I do not know much about the car other than what the ad says. Anyone have any info?


What is this kit car?11 Comment

GP Talon | Fri, 05 Jun 2009 Posted by :

I got the following letter from a reader in Iceland:

I like to ask if you can help me out. I have 356 speedster replica and for few days ther was a guy how called me and aske if I had intrest on his kit car and he told me this are some kid of lotus. can you tell me if this are lotus or what?

It doesn’t look to me like a Lotus… More like a Clan Crusader but the doors aren’t right. Anyone recognize it?

Update/solved: This is a GP Talon, a British kit car that debuted in 1980 on a VW chassis. Thanks Grzegorz!

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