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An Italian Kamala0 Comment

Kamala | Fri, 28 Nov 2008 Posted by :

Rizzo in Italy (gymclubge@libero.it) sends in these pictures of his awesome black Dax Kamala, built around a Cosworth drivetrain… He’s sure this is the best Kamala out there (and the only one in Italy) and as you can see it’s been somewhat customized — hopefully I’ll post more details on that soon.

Kamala Futuro Kit Car3 Comment

Kamala | Tue, 29 Jul 2008 Posted by :

One of the most exotic modern cars out there, I’ve always been a big fan of the Kamala, although more so of the original Kamala RT than the second “Futuro” version that swapped in a more sci-fi look for many of the panels, especially in the front end where the biggest changes were made. Personally I feel there’s something not quite right with the lines of the Futuro, as the main pod of the body doesn’t transition cleanly into the nose. Still, a striking car, to say nothing of high performance — it does 0-60 in under four seconds, and is built on a custom tube chassis with primarily Ford components.

The Kamala was first manufactured by Dax, better known for its successful Lotus 7 and Cobra kits, who made about thirty of them before dumping the project which was not able to generate enough sales to be viable. A dedicated company took over, and created this Futuro update, but also was not able to stay afloat, and the Kamala seems now to be permanently out of production unfortunately. If anyone knows more, or knows the status of the molds and jigs, please drop me a line.

Bruce in the UK recently purchased the wild Kamala Cars Futuro demonstrator (the one you may have seen on Top Gear being driven by Jeremy Clarkson), one of the only ones that exists, and is working to get it back on the road. He needs to replace the ball joints and needs assistance in identifying them so he can order the parts. Drop him a line at brucenirvanasteel7@yahoo.co.uk if you recognize them or have any more information on the car.

Dax-era Kamala Kit Car14 Comment

Kamala | Tue, 09 May 2006 Posted by :

I really think the old Kamala kit (originally by Dax, and later by a new company, Kamala Cars, that deserves to be slapped for the grotesque Kamala Futuro they created) is amazing, and wish it had been more of a market hit… It’s a daring (and I think successfully executed) piece of design work, that on a Ford V6 could do 0-60mph in under four seconds and surpass 160mph (450BPH per ton or more).


Anyway, my old friend David Betts was able to take this one out for a week long review drive while they were still being made by Dax (this is a first generation car). Here’s some more photos of it that he took:

kamala-8.jpg kamala-7.jpg kamala-6.jpg kamala-5.jpg kamala-4.jpg kamala-3.jpg kamala-2.jpg kamala-1.jpg

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