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A Couple of Craigslist Sightings0 Comment

Cimbria, For Sale, Kellison Shark | Mon, 09 Feb 2009 Posted by :

When I see cars on Craigslist, I usually write the sellers and try and find out more and get better pictures, but when there’s no email address listed I don’t. Still, I wanted to pass on these two cars because they especially caught my attention. First is this rare Kellison Shark — they just keep coming out of the woodwork, don’t they — that someone has made some minor changes to including the addition of a t-top roof. It’s in south Sacramento, asking $2,500 — call 916-607-6771 if you’d like it. Click for a bigger image.


Also on Craigslist, this one in Florence, CO, is this nice looking Cimbria (ie. a Sterling with gullwing doors instead of the lifting canopy) is up at an asking price of $6,000. It’s got a Wright Racing 2180cc+ engine, and is “ready to roll”… Call 719-784-0722 evenings or weekends to pick it up for yourself. Again, click for a bigger picture.


Another Kellison Shark for sale0 Comment

For Sale, Kellison Shark | Tue, 13 Jan 2009 Posted by :

This Kellison Shark just hit Craigslist near Atlanta, Georgia. The running gear is complete, but there’s a ton of cosmetic work left to do. The engine is a dual port head 1814 “with a hot cam”, with all the gauges. Along with two donor cars (a ’66 and a ’74 bug), the asking price is $4,000. Gorgeous car that I suspect has far more potential than these pictures show at first glance!

Kellison Shark Body in Michigan0 Comment

For Sale, Kellison Shark | Fri, 17 Oct 2008 Posted by :

Keith in Westland, MI has had this Kellison Shark for a decade and — as is the fate of many obscure kits — never knew what it was until he posted it for sale and got responses identifying it. The body is in good condition and comes with everything (eight pieces — the floor, dash, doors, front nose, center, and rear end), but it comes without the chassis or any other parts (it bolts to a shortened VW pan). Keith has decided that the project is a little past his skill set so he’s decided to let it go for the extremely low price of only $300. A great deal for such a rare car from a company that would later develop a solid racing pedigree with their vehicles. Write Keith at onetuff72@yahoo.com if you’re interested. There’s a little more info at kellisoncars.com, but not much — this is one of the hardest to find kits out there.

Kellison Shark in the wild!9 Comment

Kellison Shark | Sun, 08 Jun 2008 Posted by :

I was very surprised to see this ultra-rare car — probably the only one I’ve ever seen other than the one in the brochure. I can’t imagine that more than a handful exist… Probably the least well-known of Kellison’s designs, the VW-based Shark to me is reminiscent of the Invader GT at the front, but without the awkward rear end. Whoever buys this — asking price “best offer” — is going to have a very special piece of American automotive history. The car is located near Sacramento. Contact Brian at 650hitter@comcast.net.

I know very little about the Shark, other than it fits on a shortened VW chassis and was originally sold by “Lincoln Industries” and also was called the “Wild Thing”, selling for $575 in 1966. When Kellison bought the rights to it in 1968, they soon changed the name to the “Dagger” (presumably because they had a J-series vehicle called Shark). Any info on this vehicle is appreciated.

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