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Elite Enterprises Laser 49er Brochure0 Comment

Elite Enterprises, Laser 49er | Sun, 12 Jun 2011 Posted by :

This great info pack was sent out to those who were interested in the Laser 49er

Elite Laser 49er Price List6 Comment

Elite Enterprises, Laser 49er | Mon, 06 Jun 2011 Posted by :

1981 Elite Enterprises price list for the Laser 49er mini Van .


Laser 49er Fugitive4 Comment

Laser 49er | Sun, 06 Aug 2006 Posted by :

I recently got a note about a rare Laser 49er selling on eBay. I was out of town that day or I would have mentioned it here at the time. It ended up selling for a scant $700 (far less than it’s worth given its importance in American automobile history)! Given that there are by my estimation three Laser 49er‘s on the road (maybe) out of about thirty originally made, it’s quite a find.

I was happy to receive an email from Beth R, who on the insistance of her 11 year old son (who thought it was the coolest car he’d ever seen), found herself the auction winner. They’re thinking about doing up this pioneering mini-van up in a Nickelodeon theme in orange with a green splash, surf board, and so on, but first they were wondering — rumor is, the car was originally painted by Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, and if it was, they would rather restore the original paint. If anyone knows more about that (or Laser 49er’s in general), drop a line to Beth at anthojade7122@yahoo.com.

laser49-1.jpg laser49-2.jpg laser49-3.jpg

The world’s first mini-van1 Comment

Laser 49er | Fri, 05 May 2006 Posted by :

….and yes, it was a kit car. Sometimes kits copy, but just as often they are the innovators. I was asked to provide a little more information on the exceedingly rare Laser 49er. Now, please keep in mind that this car predates the big car companies mini-vans by quite some time as you read this (this is part of the original brochure for the vehicle) by Elite Enterprises.


Elite works with design and engineering experts, in many phases of product planning, development, and final production. The illustrations in this brochure of the Laser 49er, as well as those of other Elite models on our stationary and envelopes, are the work of Harry Bradley, the noted California artist and automotive design instructor.

What makes the Laser 49er so different from other vans, automobiles, or kit cars? It isn’t just a question of size. The Laser 49er was designed to accommodate the multi-purpose requirements of today’s driver. Most automobiles offer one advantage, to the detriment of others: spaciousness versus economy, efficiency versus luxury, practicality versus styling. But the Laser 49er is the vehicle that aims at versatility. It allows you more diverse users, more overall advantages — with fewer comprimizes. The Laser 49er gives you a little more of everything, and that makes a big difference in your driving.

When you’re in the driver’s seat of a Laser 49er — surrounded by deep-padded adjustable seats, arm rests, padded dash, and full instrumentation — you’ll think you’re inside a luxury car. You are.

The Laser 49er only looks little from the outside. Inside, there’s room for comforable seating (five full-sized adults!), and for plenty of storage as well.

The Laser 49er’s smaller size and efficient design provide better cornering, less wind resistance, and easier handling than any conventional van. Gets you into tight spaces, without putting you inside of one.

The exceptional design of the Laser 49er features gull-wing doors, rear hatch back, and strong clean lines that combine practicality with great looks. All excecuted in tough reinforced fiberglass — so it will keep looking great without rust or corrosion. The Laser 49er is pre-gelcoated, ready to paint your favorite color. We don’t think all vans should look alike — especially this one.

image3.jpg image2.jpg

Overall Length . . . . 173.5"
Width. . . . . . . . . .72.0" (100" with both doors open)
Height . . . . . . . . .57.0" (80" with doors open)
(4'9" — 49er)
Wheelbase. . . . . . . .94.5"
Front Track. . . . . . .58.0"
Rear Track . . . . . . .57.0"
Road Clearance . . . . . 9.0"
Curb Weight . . . . . .2,200 lbs

All VW engines. Also Porsche, Corvair, Mazda and many others. (Adaptors required for all except VW.)

Any stock VW 2-door sedan. 1966 through present VW, no alterations required. Super Beetle adaptor available from Elite.

5 adults.

12 cu. ft. inside rear hatch.

With our complete assembly manual and your know-how, you’ll have the Laser 49er road-ready in about 120 hours. Only home tools are required, and the body comes complete with the doors pre-hung and glass installed at our factory. Most Laser 49er owners have almost as much fun building as they do driving.

You can see by the size of the Laser 49er, and by the specifications listed at the left, that the physical dimensions of the mini van are quite different from those of a conventional van. What figures can’t describe, are the new “dimensions” of driving that are open to you as a Laser 49er owner. Because every person who drives one, has a different idea of what the Laser 49er is: The perfect commuter car… A convenient automobile for picking up the kids, shopping, running errands, and all the other faily driving around town… A great vehicle for family trips… A weekend camper… A business van… The list is as diverse as your driving needs.

If you thought the VW Beetle was a miser with fuel, wait till you exchange the old body for the Laser 49er! The aerodynamic design will improve your original engine’s exonomy noticeably. And fuel efficienct is a number-one consideration today.

It’s all there: Everything you need to transform from an old VW into a shining new Laser 49er! Seats, lighting, glass, hardware, gauges, even nuts and bolts. We make it easy! All you need to add is your choice of upholstery and carpet.


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