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Another LEDL AS 1300 Comment

Ledl AS | Sun, 11 Jun 2006 Posted by :

A while back we mentioned the LEDL AS and Claudius (from I think near Bratislava in the Slovak Republic, what is often said to be the home of the most beautiful women in the world) posted that he had one as well. He’s looking to get in touch with other LEDL fans and owners — email him at claudius at stoegner.com! Anyway, here’s a couple pictures of his (under two pretty much opposite lighting conditions).


Mention PriceOfHisToys if you write him so he knows where the email is coming from!

Ledl AS kitcar4 Comment

Avante, Ledl AS, Sterling | Sat, 27 May 2006 Posted by :

Apparently based on or inspired by the Avante and Sterling/Nova designs, the Ledl AS out of Austria is yet another one of these ultra-rare kitcars that my friend (and regular site contributor — I think I need to set him up an account so he can post!) Joe Lee from Bulgaria delights in sending me. It was also sold for a brief period in Germany by the Tevog company.


After 700,000 kilometers of test drives, something like $11 million spent, and 220 cars sold, legal changes made it difficult to continue production and the company folded in 1987. Oh, and if you’re wondering what’s on the hood of the one in the picture, those are solar panels!

Photo courtesy of PEGE.

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