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David Loring Mantis Body Found3 Comment

Loring Designs, Loring Mantis | Thu, 03 Jul 2014 Posted by :

Well Check this out. Jay sent us this photo of a pretty cool car. I only know of one and that is in David Lorings possession. It appears to be a Mantis Habua but I sent David an email to verify it. Its a cool body and I hope the owner can build it, or at least try and sell it at a reasonable and not “OMG THIS IS THE RAREST OF RARE KITCARS ON THE PLANET” Price.

I cant wait to get more updates and info on this car. !!!

Dave Loring Designs – Foreign Car Guide April 19690 Comment

Loring Designs, Mantis Gezelle | Wed, 11 Apr 2012 Posted by :

I am going to be doing several stories in the future about Mr. Dave Loring and his Photographer Jim Valentine. I have been communicating back and forth with them and they are some great old timers. Dave has been in the kit car business since the late 1950s. There is a good chance you may have never heard of Dave Loring or Loring Designs. We will get into the history of Dave, The cars he created, as well as the people who ripped off his designs as well as profited off of his soon.




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