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March Hare kit car literature0 Comment

eBay, March Hare | Sat, 06 Jun 2009 Posted by :

Before I get to posting some pictures from the Carlisle show (which I’ll do in the next day or two), let me just continue on this March Hare kick. Kevin sent me a tip that some old March Hare literature — an early ad, and a dealer letter for a later model — are on eBay right now. You’ll note that the original has yet another window design, and that the letters (dated 1981), seem to be for an entirely different design of the kit. I suspect the second version (which from that one small picture is far less appealing to me) sold even fewer bodies than the first. Still, I’m a sucker for wedge shaped cars.

March Hares out of the woodwork!0 Comment

March Hare | Sat, 06 Jun 2009 Posted by :

Who’d have thought that I’d be posted another one of these ultra rare kits so soon? After posting the shots of Bruce’s car, I received the following email and pictures:

Hi! I’m Dodger, from Virginia. I’ve owned this car since the early ’90s and was never able to identify the kit; that is, until this morning, when I stumbled upon this “Price of His Toys” site. I now know that it’s a “March Hare” designed by Jim Edwards and John Marshall, head of Brigham Young University design school. Other than this one that I own, the only others that I’ve ever seen are the three previously posted on this site. Apparently this is a pretty rare kit. It needs restoration and I would love to find more information about this car.

As you can see, there are some build differences between Bruce and Dodger’s cars — the door and window treatments most obviously but also minor touches like the fender flares and scoops and trim.

More of Bruce’s March Hare kit car0 Comment

March Hare | Sat, 06 Jun 2009 Posted by :

I posted a teaser image of Bruce’s award winning March Hare kit, and I wanted to follow that up with a few more shots of his beautiful example of this rare classic that pre-dates more successful vehicles in the same class like the Manx SR.

A finished March Hare kit car!27 Comment

For Sale, March Hare | Fri, 05 Jun 2009 Posted by :

Oh, it’s not mythical after all!

And it’s for sale… but I’ll get to that in a future entry with some more photos. This was built by Bruce Kirk in St. Louis, MO in 1988 with his teenage son. It’s one of only seven believed to have been molded by Jim Edwards. It’s had numerous adventures, including being driven down to a car show in Indianapolis where they got to drive it around the 500 race track for fun. It’s currently sitting in his garage waiting for a little attention, or a buyer. Anyway, it’s great to see such a rare car finished.

The picture is nice and big — click to zoom in.


March Hare Back Yard Find!8 Comment

For Sale, March Hare | Mon, 13 Oct 2008 Posted by :

It may not look like much now, but in Tuckerton, NJ, Joe has a really special kit car sitting in his back yard. It’s an ultra-rare March Hare kit car. I know of only three of these so far — the prototype that’s in the first March Hare entry, and two unfinished kits. It’s a rare gem that will be quite beautiful if someone can put in the effort to finish it. This one was started — it looks like the first person cut out the light pods and must have had a plan to redesign them — but was then abandoned. Joe has decided to sell it, so if you’re interested, give him a call at 609-618-6219 between 8AM and 9PM EST.

I’m doing my best to get some info on the other one and maybe even post the assembly manual, so if you buy this one, please drop me a line… It’s one of my favorite kits, and fits in nicely with the recently posted Shalako and the Manx SR and other sports coupes designed to fit on a dunebuggy chassis (ie. a VW pan shortened by 14.5″).

Seriously, this may not look like much right now, but this is a very, very special car and it’s unlikely you’ll have the opportunity to get one again.

Rare “March Hare” kit car by Pegasus21 Comment

March Hare | Wed, 26 Apr 2006 Posted by :

I’m not sure that many of these were made, because I think I’ve seen, oh, one in my entire life! Back in the mid-seventies, the complete kit sold for well under $2,000 and was pretty much built on a dunebuggy chassis (ie. VW minus 14.5″). It was quite a small car, 46″ to the roof and with only an 80″ wheelbase. I see this as an early version of the Manx SR personally…

pegasus1.jpg pegasus2.jpg

If anyone reading this has a real photo of it (or even more promo stuff), let me know.

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