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My new Sterling project9 Comment

My cars, Sterling | Tue, 15 Jul 2008 Posted by :

I picked this Sterling kit car up this morning here in Toronto. It’s never been completely finished or on the road, sitting for four years in a garage with the most recent owner, and eight years in a garage with the previous owner. Fingers crossed the trend will now be broken. Not much else to write on the project, but I’ll keep you updated of course.

My old Kelmark GT1 Comment

Kelmark, My cars | Sun, 22 Jun 2008 Posted by :

First of all, I’m away from the Internet for a week, so I won’t be able to update. But in that period, please do email me your car pictures and stories to snowrail@gmail.com and I’ll post them as soon as I return. Don’t think the site is going back into hibernation!!!

Years ago I saw this Kelmark GT parked in a used car lot in Toronto. It was built on a Mid-Engineering chassis with a V8 mated to a 4-speed Corvair transmission. The body had been modified with a flip-rear and a different brake setup at the front… I much prefer the Kelmark GT to the Ferrari it was based on — its muscular build really puts the effete Dino to shame. Not that the Dino isn’t a beautiful car, but it’s lacking in a certain “toughness”.

I drove this example a few times and it was truly terrifying — mountains of power for such a light car, and unbearably loud, coupled with the all-to-true homebuilt possibility that self-destruction was imminent due to some construction shortcoming. The second time I was pulled over within a two hundred feet of the driveway.

A trip to the beach in my Aztec 711 Comment

Aztec 7, FiberFab, My cars | Tue, 02 May 2006 Posted by :

I’m headed off to New York City tomorrow until Friday (I’ll try and post while I’m on the road, but it may be a little slow), where among many other old friends, I’ll see the person who took the photos today from a wonderful day where we drove my “brand new” Aztec 7, the first kit I ever got on the road. It was also the car in which I learned to drive stick (on something other than a tractor or a stolen car that I didn’t really care about wrecking)…

aztec7-1.jpg aztec7-2.jpg aztec7-3.jpg aztec7-4.jpg aztec7-5.jpg aztec7-6.jpg

On the way to the beach (Point Petre in Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada), a Viper pulled up along side us and the owner sort of looked over wondering what the hell weird sort of car he was racing. We weren’t going that fast, but we slowly accellerated together until about 170 kph when he floored it and disappeared over the horizon pretty quickly. Some time on that trip I blew the engine as well and had to swap in the engine from my Laser 917.

Oh, speaking of travel and the Aztec 7, I’ve been thinking I should hit the Carlisle convention this year (later this month) to see more old friends and document the show. I have some shirts made that I was going to give out to people whose cars I like:


What do you think?

We’re back!10 Comment

Manta Montage, My cars | Tue, 18 Apr 2006 Posted by :

I’ve decided to restart PriceOfHisToys. It was one of the original and biggest kit car web sites on the internet, and when my other projects took off, I basically shut it down. Well, I have a bit more time these days, so watch this space for a combination of images and information from our archives as well as new cars.

Manta Montage in Mexico
That’s my beloved Manta Montage.
I had to sell it (to a guy in Austria!) because I
couldn’t import it from Mexico to Canada when I moved.


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