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Fuhr Osage Broshure1 Comment

Osage | Mon, 30 Sep 2013 Posted by :

I love when our readers send us photos,brochure scans ,or anything else.

Sergei is one of our Russian readers and he has a love for American vintage kit cars. He has a list of items he is looking for so if you can help him out he would greatly appreciate it. Today he is sharing with us these Osage scans. Thanks again Sergei!
Wolf 917 K&L
Classique Custom Coachworks (Ferrari Dino ,Canada)
Ten Quality Coach
EXP Speedster
James Heritage Cars (Cavallo)
American Classics (T-Bird ,Corvette)
Classics International/Silver Arrow Motorworks
Bayliff Coach Packard (from 1992-1995 only)
Adler Industries (Mercedes and Cobra symbios)
Van Heel Coachworks (unique limo)
Faesing Motors (Husky ,Sebrace GT)
Kaylor Energy Products (catalog)
Champion Car Corp. (’33-34 Ford?)
Nereia Cars
Warp Five (set of printed photos only)
Time Machine&Banshee (info pack)
Group Seven (Lotus 7 ,Canada)
Arizona Z Car (Proto Z)
Native American Craftsman (Tomahawk)
Jenmarti Motor Works (ex. Bradford neo-classic)
HS Engineering
Piranha Motor Car Co. (VW hot rod)
Pangra Enterprises
Precision Motor Works (Ferrari Daytona)
Rising House Motors (Maserati replica)
ACE Corvette
Tryon Viper
United States Reproductions (’36 Ford)
Tompson Group (Porsche 914 conversion)
Blue Ray GT. Engineering
QCE (Blaze ,McLela)
Roadrunner/Rod&Custom/Dayan Fat Factory (’54 Chevy Pickup).


Osage kit car by Fuhr Motors3 Comment

Osage | Sat, 11 Jul 2009 Posted by :

My friend Sergey in Russia has an original 1979 brochure from Fuhr Motors in Lake Grove, New York, containing this profile photo of their wedge-shaped Osage kit car, designed for what looks like a full-length VW chassis. I must admit I never thought I’d see this incredibly rare car (the previous photo I posted leaves a lot to be desired), so I was quite thrilled when Sergey wrote me! Click to zoom in of course.


Fuhr Motors Osage9 Comment

Mystery Cars, Osage | Sat, 20 May 2006 Posted by :

I’ve recently mentioned the Siva Saluki as well as the Charger (UK kitcar)… Well, it looks like there’s yet another in this stylistic series, the “Fuhr Motors Osage”, a kit from the eighties built (to the best of my knowledge), using the foamcore methods championed by RQ Riley.


If anyone knows anything more about this ultra-rare car (or the other two I mentioned), please drop me a line with the information and/or pictures!

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