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Riot Redesign Project0 Comment

For Sale, Riot | Mon, 02 Feb 2009 Posted by :

Dan is selling an interesting Riot re-work project. The first three pictures are of the original version, and the remainder show what he’s started. When he broke the original windshield and discovered that a replacement would be $1,000, he grafted in a new one from a Neon (including the original frame from the Neon). He’s also swapped in what he feels are more appropriate headlights, and has started to remove the old ones. He’s located in Windsor, Ontario, and is looking for $4,000 to let the project go. Contact him at sedn39@sympatico.ca — if it doesn’t sell, he’s converting it to electric.

The car also comes with brand new BF Goodrich 305/50R/15 rear and 205/50R/15 front, and never sat on PRO/Scat seats, as well as Center Line aluminum rims and a rebuilt tranny, new starter, four new shocks, and an unopened wiring package. The car does not come with an engine, but he does have an unassembled “fire breather, turbo-able 2054″, which he’s open to selling as well (with or without the car).

Targa bar added to Riot0 Comment

Riot | Sun, 08 Jun 2008 Posted by :

Following up on the rotary-engined Riot, Robert sent these pictures of the targa bar he’s added since those pictures were taken.

Rotary Engine Riot2 Comment

Riot | Wed, 04 Jun 2008 Posted by :

Designed and formerly manufactured by Thunder Ranch, available both as a VW kit and a tube-chassis car capable of accepting many engine configurations, this Riot is the latter type, built around a Mazda 13B turbo II engine and a 5-speed Porsche transmission from a 911. Engine specs include:

  • Street ported, shot peened gears, 3mm apex seals
  • Oil metering reworked to inject clean burning 2 stroke oil
  • Turbocharged with big Garrett t04E liquid cooled turbo, stainless exh. manifold, Turbonetics wastegate, huge intercooler, SX BOV
  • Custom built tuned intake manifold, Holley 750cfm 4bbl throttle body
  • Haltech ECU controlling ignition, 2 stage fuel injection, water injection, NO2

The engine dynos at 240 HP with 250 ft/lb of torque, tunable with boost increase to 300 HP — the fully installed but never used NOS system adds another 50 HP. It’s got Fittipaldi wheels and steering wheel, Recaro seats, Simpson 5 way competition harnesses, a fully carpeted interior, VDO gauges (electronic speedo, tach, EGT, boost, temp, oil, fuel), and more.

My only complaint about the Riot is that for some reason it’s really easy to tell the body doesn’t have an interior shell (ie. no inner fenders and so on), but it looks like that issue has been addressed in this car. Robert is asking $13,000 and is located in Orange, CA. You can reach him by email at rcl41244@yahoo.com.

Carlisle ’99 kit car show1 Comment

Aztec 7, Bradley GT II, Carlisle 1999, Conventions, FiberFab, Riot, Sterling | Tue, 16 May 2006 Posted by :

I have tons more photos from the Carlisle 1999 kitcar show, and I figured that since this year I’m finally going and it’s, oh, seven years later, I should share some VW-based exotics picture with you. Let’s start with a yellow Fiberfab Aztec 7:

aztec73.jpg aztec72.jpg aztec71.jpg

Or how about this Bradley GT II, which should feel familiar to you:

bradley1.jpg bradley2.jpg bradley3.jpg bradley41.jpg bradley5.jpg bradley6.jpg bradley7.jpg

And here’s a Riot by Thunder Ranch.

riot1.jpg riot2.jpg riot3.jpg riot4.jpg

Finally, one of my favorite cars of all time, the Sterling (made in a wide variety of versions):

sterlin1.jpg sterlin2.jpg sterlin3.jpg sterlin4.jpg sterlin5.jpg sterlin6.jpg sterlin7.jpg sterlin8.jpg sterlin9.jpg

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