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Junkyard Siva now a Schoolyard Siva0 Comment

Siva Saluki | Tue, 29 Aug 2006 Posted by :

I recently received some wonderful news about the junked Siva Saluki that sold on eBay recently for $750. Following is the note I got (I wish my highschool had done this!) from Wayne Griffin, an engineering studies teacher at the school:

“The Siva Saluki (or look alike) featured in the August 6th posting has been purchased by Year 11 Engineering students of Inaburra, a private School located on the southern edge of Sydney, Australia. The class of twenty students have wasted no time in starting work on the car despite its rustic charms. As their Engineering Studies teacher I was amazed when in the space of one lesson the students organised themselves to clean the vehicle of its miscellaneous tyres, beer cans, grass clippings etc, removed a large quantity of oil off the pan and then separated the various fibreglass mouldings and frames. It was as if the car was being swarmed by ants.

Click to zoom in to the Schoolyard Siva being worked on.The intention at this stage is to try something a little different and fit the car with an Electric Motor. The idea of going electric has gathered support and seems timely given the current state of Australian fuel prices. Some components that came with the car are in need of repair; there is a hand sized ding in the back corner for example and the steel reinforcement in the doors have rusted causing the skins do delaminate in places.

Whether the car is a Siva Saluki or a very close copy is a bit unclear. The car seems almost identical to Jaoa Andrade’s car and I had convinced myself (and others) before collecting it, that it was a Siva Saluki, although how it came to be in Sydney would have been a mystery. Now that we have the car it appears to be wider in the back to accommodate fatter rear tyres and there are a number of moulded lines that join the body to the rear wheel arches.

The seller maintains the car is one of two that were built from original moulds in Sydney and that the other is currently road registered. To simplify matters we will probably get the car going and consider the practicality of registration later. We also hope to have the body painted within a couple of weeks!

Thanks to our principal, Dr Paul Burgis and Inaburra P and F for their support.”

Another junkyard Siva Saluki?9 Comment

eBay, Mystery Cars, Siva Saluki | Sun, 06 Aug 2006 Posted by :

Dr. Dean who runs this Siva Saluki site pointed out this dishevelled kit car from an Australian eBay ad, which appears to be another mystery Saluki (although it was being sold as an “Eagle”, but given by the description “ferari front end spider doors and a lamboguihni rear” I don’t think the seller quite knew what they had). It apparently rides on a VW Type 3 chassis, has a Mazda steering setup and a box frame at the front. Saluki? What do you think? Or is it a Charger variant? (Click “Charger” in my subject index for pictures of them).

Oh, and if you’re wondering, this ened up selling for $750. I wonder if it’ll be another car that sits in this state forever, or if it will be restored. You might not guess it from these photos, but they’re really quite a pretty car when completed.

eagle-siva-1.jpg eagle-siva-2.jpg eagle-siva-3.jpg eagle-siva-4.jpg eagle-siva-5.jpg

Oh, and if you know anything about the history of Sivas, their construction, components, etc., Dean asks that you also contact him via his site where he’s trying to build up an archive of information on this rare vehicle.

Siva Saluki #2 Confirmed!10 Comment

Siva Saluki | Sun, 18 Jun 2006 Posted by :

Of the twelve Siva Salukis believed to have been built, only two are known to exist. One entry posted a while back which included pictures of a Siva Saluki sold on eBay, and from it I got this letter and pictures from Joao Andrade in Portugal about his striking sci-fi looking Saluki:

I have owned a Siva Saluki since 1976, when a then future freind brought it from England.

It was a white with blue drawings along the body when I first legalized it here in Portugal (it needed homologation). Over the years it has suffered several painting ideas — the last one being very apreciated like Spiderman’s car. It was all covered with small  5cm red squares in a grid over a black base. It looked very good especially with a couple of double exhaust pipes coming over through the back of the car in the best Michel Vaillant way.

Two years ago, after beeing in the garage for twenty years or so, I decided to bring it back to life and did a complete overhaul of the car. I reconditionated the 1600 twin carburator engine, did a new eletrical instalation, added a CRX dash, installed a new interior with VW Golf lights that light up when you open the doors and go out after a while, a new more conservative paint-job (BMW silver), four large exhaust pipes, pedals, seatbelts, driving wheel, and gas cap by OMP, new tires and wheel covers. I also changed the manual front pop up lights with four fixed lamps because the originals where a bit noisy and week. Eletrical exterior mirrors came from a Lancia Thema.

I also widened the car with wheel arches from a VW Golf wich where integrated in the body of the car, and it also has a Sony radio and CD player with eight speakers all over the car, and so on… I haven’t driven it much yet, so it’s still in its break in period.

And now some photos!

siva-saluki-1.jpg siva-saluki-2.jpg siva-saluki-3.jpg

siva-saluki-4.jpg siva-saluki-5.jpg siva-saluki-6.jpg

Oh, and if you wanted to see the donor car…

siva-donor-1.jpg siva-donor-2.jpg

Anyway, big thanks to Joao for sending in his car, and for keeping this special piece of car history on the street and in good shape!

Siva Saluki vs Charger?10 Comment

Mystery Cars, Siva Saluki | Wed, 03 May 2006 Posted by :

My friend Joe Lee sends a few pictures of what he says is a “Siva Saluki” (more information here at this Siva history site), but to me (and to him) it also looks an aweful lot like the UK based Charger kit (slightly more common). I don’t know which is a copy of which. He thinks it’s inspired by the Lancia Stratos (the wild looking prototype, not the production vehcile), whereas I am starting to far less stand by my original theory that it’s inspired by the Aston Martin Bulldog (click the “Mystery Cars” link above to see that Charger). Anyone know anything more or know the source of the pictures? Please email me or post what you know as a comment!

lancia -stratos.jpg siva.jpg siva02.jpg siva03.jpg siva04.jpg

The leftmost picture is the Lancia Stratos concept. Thanks again to Joe! Here’s what I’ve been able to find out so far:

The car originally came out in 1973 and sold for 395 pounds (just under $6000 in 2006 US dollars). It is of course VW based, only twelve were made, and only one is believed to exist (but I think that may be incorrect).

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