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Matula for Sale in Oregon0 Comment

Matula, Talon | Fri, 01 Feb 2013 Posted by :

We get emails all the time on kit cars that people are trying to sell. A lot of the times they are your run of the mill fiberfab car, bradley, etc. We try to limit that sort of stuff being posted for sale. This one just came across my email, and I would say it is worth saving.

This is a Matula, later known as a Talon GT. This one is not your average Body according to the person trying to get it sold. I have not verified any of this info, it is just what the email said.

Location: Oregon
Asking price: $900
Contact# 541-826-2149
no shipping cash in person
modified from factory by Ed Matula
Dean Jefferies built chassis which is gone
built for Hexzel Wexlel movie director and Emmy award winner in 1975
confirmed by Ed Matula he will also assist buyer in anyway he can  completing car
The email also said I woman owned it and is need of money so it has to go. At $900 I think it would be a good one to save from the strap heap. If you are on the west coast maybe you can save it?
The Completed car is just for reference.

Talon GT – For Sale in California1 Comment

Talon | Sun, 06 Jan 2013 Posted by :

Well this is one of those cars you really do not see everyday. A Talon GT to be exact. We have made a post or two about them over the years, and while not my cup of tea, they do have a place in kit car history. This one has obviously never been finished and would take a special person with time, and more importantly money to get it down.

The auction says it is already sporting a 455 and toronado auto trans as well as a tube chassic.

I think this one would be a great one for one of our readers to rescue and do a build diary for all of us. You can check out the eBay auction and bid today. Just click HERE

KAZ’s Collection of Past Kits4 Comment

Bradley GT, Kelmark, Laser 917, Marauder, Talon, VW Beetle | Wed, 11 Feb 2009 Posted by :

KAZ, who’s been building kit cars since the seventies, scanned a few photos from his archives for us. From start to finish below are a Bradley GT, a Kelmark GT, a Laser 917, a Marauder GT, a 40s-style Willy VW conversion, and a Talon.

He built lots of Bradleys, including three Bradley GT cars for a Bradley dealership that opened in Houston in ’76, who unfortunately went under months later. He also built four Kelmarks — this one below with the great paint job was done by Richard Hildebrandt of Houston. He also bought a Kelmark from the insurance company that had been built by Kelmark themselves and was stolen, then recovered it at the Mexican border where the thieves were apprehended. It was fast, with a 2100 cc dual carb VW engine, and an awesome Blaupunkt stereo.

The Talon GT 2+25 Comment

Talon | Thu, 08 Jan 2009 Posted by :

Following up on the coverage I’ve given the Matula recently, here’s an article on the four-seater version (a rarity in exotics — although those back seats were tiny) of the Talon GT. Like many kits of this type, few cars — if any — other than the original prototype ever saw the road. Thanks to Joe Lee for scanning in this old article by John G. Rettie in HotVW (Nov 1980) for us.



Long-time readers may well remember the issue when we featured the Talon kit car produced by Ed Matula from Panorama City, California. At that time he stated that his real dream was to produce a sleek 2+2 GT car. Ever since then, Ed has been developing the Talon GT 2+2 that you see in the accompanying pictures.


Later generation of the Matula GT0 Comment

Matula, Talon | Sat, 03 Jan 2009 Posted by :

As I mentioned in the previous entry on the Matula kit car, it passed through four manufacturers. The last two (“Bart Holland” and “HD Replica Cars”) sold the car with Delorean-like gullwing doors rather than a flip-top like Bas’s version that’s in the first entry. The example below belonged to Hans Schouten until he sold it in 1999 — I believe his Manx SR-style scissor doors were a one-off conversion.




Bas’s Matula3 Comment

Matula, Talon | Sat, 03 Jan 2009 Posted by :

Another rare kit car classic is the Matula, designed in 1972 by Ed Matula and tested in NASA’s wind tunnel. In the States it was sold as the Talon, but after being discontinued there it was sold from 1975-1984 in Holland as the Matula by a series of companies. Pictured below is the two seater version (but it also existed as a 2+2), which belongs to Bas from Speedon Kitcar Collection, the largest kitcar dealer on the European continent — check his site for tons of great cars for sale. Bas estimates that somewhere between ten and fifteen Matulas exist. He’s since sold his, which he restored and swapped a Ford Cortina engine into in the nineties.

There’s also a video of a Matula on YouTube.



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