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Mantis Ageon / Targa15 Comment

Invader GT, Mantis Aegean, Trike, Trivette | Thu, 04 Dec 2008 Posted by :

A while back I posted about a car that I ID’d as an Invader, even though the Craigslist seller was identifying it as a “Mantis”, a car I’d never heard of. Extremely lucky bastard Jason “Schmitty” Milsom managed to pick up this striking vehicle for the scant price of $2,000 and I am very, very jealous of his acquisition. He writes,

It turns out it is a Mantis Ageon or Targa after all. I just bought a “Mantis” Brochure on eBay (although I haven’t received it yet). It looks like the Kaylor Invader is actually a Mantis that they renamed Invader GT-5 for some reason. The title for my car says it’s a 1975 which is before Kaylor was building cars. It’s not running and has lots of problems. Since purchase I have installed a different engine (a dual port dual carb 1600 that was in an original 1944 Kubelwagen), installed a new steering column, did minimal electrics to make it legally driveable (lights, etc), installed pedals, cables, and so on, and just recently put the louvered cover (from a 240Z) over the big hole in the back. The car is only 37 1/2″ tall and an absolute blast to drive.

Have I mentioned how jealous I am? This is one of the most striking of the aggressive seventies exotic designs out there, and a very special car. Speaking of special cars, you may also notice a Trivette trike in the second photo!

[Note: I initially misspelled — this is a “Mantis Aegean Coupe”.]


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